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Week of May 9

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Our mission at Richland Elementary is to engage students in a safe learning environment to become socially and academically successful.
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Happy Mother's Day to all of you that are moms of precious kiddos, grandchildren or a "furry" kid!
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Week at a Glance

Monday, May 9

  • Math STAAR Testing today
  • May wear jeans with testing shirts today
  • No specials

Tuesday, May 10

  • Reading STAAR Testing today
  • May wear jeans with testing or spirit shirts today
  • No specials

Wednesday, May 11

  • Science STAAR Testing today
  • May wear jeans with testing shirts today
  • We will have specials today (Could be a modified day-look for email)-Third and Fifth grade will switch times. Please be on time to pick up kids as they will be waiting in classrooms to minimize noise levels.
Thursday, May 12

Friday, May 13

  • Spirit Day
  • RES Night out at Sounds of Spring located at the new city hall in NRH. Bring out a blanket or lawn chair and listen to music with our RES family. There will be food trucks or bring your own food. Music starts at 7:00.
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Shout Outs!

  • Thanks to Chad for getting everything prepared for STAAR testing this week! He is doing lots behind the scenes to get things prepared. Thanks to all of our teachers and tutors for also getting kids ready! There has been lots of prep to get our kids ready! i think the kids are going to rock it!
  • Thanks to PTA for providing a great lunch from Jason's Deli and the wonderful popcorn bar. You guys deserved all the treats that you got last week. We so appreciate all that you do for kids!
  • Thanks to Michelle G., Pam and Michelle B for helping to make a plan for Jamika with math. Jamika has everything planned out and Michelle and Pam have been her to be her "feet" so that Jamika can stay off of hers as much as possible.
  • Thanks to everyone that came out to make our Fort Worth Museum Night a huge success! Thanks to LaShall for setting the night up!Thanks to Magaly, Cynthia, Jezzeka, Karen, Aletha, Sheri, Michelle B., Stacy, Traci, Tara, Angie, Barbie and Tammi for coming out to help! Thanks to Edward for getting the cafeteria prepared.
  • Thanks to Betty for getting things set up for Jessica's first book signing! I know lots of you have supported Jessica and bought her book. It is a great book!
  • Thanks to everyone that came out to support Kathryn at the TOY. Thanks to Michelle R., Angie, Barbie, Payton and Deedra for attending the event.
  • Thanks to Barbie and Maggie for volunteering at the Autism Walk this weekend to support our students that have autism.

Technology Spotlight

  • Next year I plan to start using Google much more. In an effort to baby step all of us into it, I have tried to send out some documents on Google Docs. I am not the best at it, but unless I try it I never will be! In case you did not know, you all have a google account. It is your Your password should be the same one you use for your login on your computer. I plan on attending some classes on Google through the 3-D learning this summer. You may want to attend some of the staff development on that as well. Jeff will also help me make a plan for our school. One of the cool things about using Google docs is that you can access them from anywhere including home! You can also share and edit on the same page without saving it with different names. We will all learn together over the next year. Check out the classes on Google along with all the other cool classes offered by the technology department this summer!

  • 3- D glasses were delivered to your boxes last week to remind you to sign up for Learning in 3D. These glasess will also help you see special things and get you into the running for special prizes. See the link or the email from Mark Thomas sent out on Friday!
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Tibits of Info

    • Since there is a 100% chance of rain foretasted for Monday, please try and double up classes to watch a movie or do Go Noodle to give your kids a break. I think using the gym would be okay for a small break as long as you are quiet in the hallways. I will check with Angie. Second grade may use the cafeteria before/after lunch to do small group activities.
    • Remember, kids will be dismissed in the front hallway after lunch to keep the hallways as quiet as possible.
    • Make sure that we keep all walkie talkies turned off in testing rooms and that no one calls from room to room during testing.
    • As soon as you get your kids settled in testing grade levels, come directly to cafeteria for breakfast.
    • Please be prepared to meet for our last collaborative for with EOY info after STAAR testing. Our window for getting EOY data in has been extended. Keeping your schedule as normal as possible, we will help keep the students behaved. Also, you may want to have incentives to help them stay on track.
    • The kids are already starting to get restless as we are starting to wind up the year. Thanks for keeping the kids schedule as normal as possible and trying to handle as many of the issues as you can. I know it gets harder as the year progresses.
    • Every child should have a writing portfolio. You should have a writing sample from the beginning, middle and end of the year. These portfolios will not be due until the end of the year. Magaly has extra folders and writing score sheets if you need them.
    • Deedra has planned some fun things for the summer! Please try and come if you are able. These are good bonding activities.
    • Please remember to sign up for snack week in the lounge.
    • 15 days and 2 1/2 days left.... You can do this!!

    Upcoming Events

    • Week of May 15-Book Fair and snack week

    • May 15-Staff Meeting

    • May 15-All library books due today

    • May 16- PTA Board Meeting and Fundraiser Party for PTA

    • May 17-PTA Meeting/Choir Concert @ 6:00 PM

    • May 18-Talent Show Practice

    • May 19-Choir to NRH2O

    • May 20-Field Day

    • May 23-Art/PLC

    • May 24-Richland's Got Talent

    • May 25-Capstone Projects presentations in the library

    • May 25-4th/5th to go on a field trip to sing with and hear organ

    • May 26-3rd Grade Field Trip

    • May 27-5th Grade trip to Park

    • May 27-1-4 Awards Ceremonies

    • May 27-Kinder Graduation at 2:00 PM

    Richland Elementary

    Mascot: Rockets

    Colors: Red and Blue

    Grade Levels: Pre-Kindergarden-5th Grade

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