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Franklin County 4-H News - July 12, 2022

2022 Pre-Fair Packet

The Pre-Fair Packet for 4-H families is now available for download. Please take the time to read it all. It includes:
  1. Project judging/evaluation schedules
  2. Ganyard Building setup and watch schedule
  3. Website resources
  4. Livestock evaluation and skillathon information
  5. Pop Stand shift schedule
  6. Burke Building cleanup schedule
  7. and so much more...


4-H Pork Dinner at the Fair

The 4-H Council is looking for volunteers to help and/or donate at the 4-H Pork Dinner. Please consider signing up to help. This sign-up will include both shifts during the dinner as well as items requested for donation, so if you cannot commit to a volunteer shift you can still be involved. Clubs can sign up to donate items too! Please contact the committee chair, Kerry Riggs, if you have any questions at or 614-321-9555.

Date: 07/22/2022 (Fri.)

Time: 1:00pm - 8:00pm EDT

Location: Franklin County Fair - Activity Tent

Sign Up Here:

Project Evaluation Details

Why do we evaluate 4-H projects?

Children join 4-H to have fun and make new friends. One reason why 4-H is so successful is because children choose to do whatever interests them. As participation increases, 4-H’ers learn more, begin to assess progress for themselves, and look to others for evaluation of their work. The judging process in 4-H is like real life. 4-H’ers set goals, work to achieve them, and reap rewards for their efforts.

Having one’s accomplishments evaluated can be motivating and educational for 4-H’ers. When judges critique their work or performance, it serves as a guide to further improvement. The judging process is probably more valuable than the award or recognition. To plan, practice, and present a finished product is to “learn by doing.” To graciously accept constructive criticism of one’s work is a real life experience. 4-H’ers learn quickly that judging results reflect a personal opinion, and that evaluation will vary among judges.

Source: New Jersey 4-H Understanding 4-H Judging - Rutgers Cooperative Extension

How are 4-H projects evaluated?

The judge interviews the participant as he/she evaluates the product against a set of standards. The purpose of this judging is to determine what the 4-H’er learned in completing the project. Comments are provided verbally and also in writing on a scoresheet.

In 4-H, most judging involves the Danish system of judging. In this system, the judges do not judge one person’s work by comparing it to another. The evaluation is made against a standard. A judge looks to see whether requirements are met.

Project Evaluation Ribbons

  • Superior Ribbon - If the work meets high standards and receives an excellent rating in all criteria, the member receives a blue project ribbon as well as a another ribbon called the superior ribbon.
  • Outstanding Ribbon - If the work represents excellent ratings or very good ratings in all criteria, the member receives a blue project ribbon as well as another ribbon called the outstanding ribbon.
  • Blue Ribbon - If the project receives an excellent, very good, good, or satisfactory rating in all of the criteria, the member receives a blue project ribbon.
  • Red Ribbon - A red ribbon signifies a project that shows some good work that will benefit from further improvements
  • White Ribbon - A white ribbon signifies the project meets some standards but does not complete all of the project requirements.

One advantage of this system is that everyone whose work fulfills minimum qualification can receive a ribbon. If all entries are judged to be of great quality, all receive blue ribbons. The purpose of using the Danish judging system is to give every 4-H member the recognition deserved for the work that was done. It also helps young people recognize the need to improve their skills and to “make the best better.”

Peer Competition

Danish judging focuses on set standards, the other part of the Franklin County 4-H project judging process compares one 4-H member's work to another. This is peer competition. This type of judging may be used to select the “best” projects within a class. An example of this would be awarding a “Best of Show” rosette or a "State Fair Selection" rosette to the project that the judge deems most deserving of the award.

Source: New Jersey 4-H Understanding 4-H Judging - Rutgers Cooperative Extension


Judges have a special interest in young people, and may have knowledge in a particular subject matter area, as a hobby or career. They are selected by staff and volunteers for their knowledge and interest in youth. All of them are generously donating their time this year. Judges must know the rules and criteria agreed upon by the 4-H participants, the 4-H leaders, and the 4-H staff.

Each judge should is given information about the judging activity including scoring sheets. In addition, judges should be aware of and understand the philosophy behind the 4-H program and the purpose of evaluating 4-H member's projects and performance. A judges’ orientation helps to ensure a fair judging experience for everyone.


Members will schedule an appointment for each of their projects using the SignUpGenius website. An appointment MUST be made for all non-livestock 4-H project evaluations.

What if I have multiple projects to schedule? - No problem. Be sure to schedule at least 20 minutes between each appointment time so you aren't rushed. Don't schedule two project appointments at the same time! If the projects are judged on different days, just click the Back to Sign-Up button after scheduling for each event/day. That will take you back to the appointment page. ONLY MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR PROJECTS THAT YOU MADE A FAIR ENTRY FOR.

What if I'm showing an animal the same day as an interview for another 4-H project? - Just schedule an appointment for a time that is available, and we'll work with you that day to make sure you can do both. It may require a parent or sibling walking over to the interview check-in table to let us know you're showing your animal.

Make an appointment with SignUpGenius:

Accomodations for Project Evaluations

If you have a disability and have questions about accessibility or wish to request accommodations you can complete a Winning 4-H Plan.

If you have any questions, please contact Beth at

This we believe...

  • 4-H youth are more important than 4-H projects.
  • Learning how to do a project is more important than the project itself.
  • “Learning by doing” through useful project work is fundamental in any sound educational program and characteristic of the 4-H program.
  • There is more than one good way to do most things.
  • Our job is to teach 4-H members how to think - not what to think.
  • A balanced program of work and play, geared to the individual’s needs, is more important than “grooming winners”.
  • Competition is a natural human trait and should be recognized as such in 4-H work. But it should be given no more emphasis than other 4-H fundamentals.
  • No 4-H award is worth sacrificing the reputation of a 4-H member or a 4-H leader.
  • Every 4-H member needs to be noticed, to feel important, to experience success and to be praised!
  • A blue ribbon 4-H member with a red ribbon project is more desirable than a red ribbon member with a blue ribbon project.

Source: New Jersey 4-H Understanding 4-H Judging - Rutgers Cooperative Extension

2022 Franklin County Fair Ticket Information

Know someone who still needs a ticket to the Franklin County Fair?

4 ticket choices:

$30 Franklin County Agricultural Society Membership

  • Admission every day of the 2022 fair – 7 days!
  • Vote during the fair board election (Sat. July 23 10:00am – 2:00pm)
  • Receive newsletters regarding the fairgrounds
  • Invitation to the ag luncheon on July 21
  • Invitation to the annual meeting in November
  • Must live in Franklin County and provide an ID
  • 18 years old or older

$30 Season Pass
  • Admission every day of the 2022 fair – 7 days!

$9 Advanced Sale Ticket
  • Good for 1-day admission into the fair

$9 Senior Day ticket
  • July 19 - special Senior Day event, includes breakfast and lunch

July 18-24

$10 Gate pricing

Ride wristbands are available during the fair. Individual tickets also will be available

Additional $10 Grandstand/special events

  • Sunday, July 17 - Harness Racing
  • Monday, July 18 – Harness Racing
  • Tuesday, July 19 – KOI Drag racing
  • Wednesday, July 20 – Taste of the Fair – craft beer and food tasting
  • Thursday, July 21 – Truck and Tractor Pull
  • Friday, July 22 – Monster Truck
  • Saturday, July 23 – Demolition Derby

**All 4-H members who made a Fair Entry will receive an admission ticket to the fair for the week.**

Organizational Advisors Notes

This is a reminder that 4-H Club ticket packets can be picked up at the main Fair Office (Monday thru Wednesday 9-5, Thursday thru Saturday 9-9, Sunday 12-6). Please note that if a member is in more than one club, their pass may be in the other club's packet.

If any adult has purchased a membership pass, Cierra sent them an email to let the know they must come into the Fair Office with proof of address to pick up their pass. You may want to remind them if they ask. The address for the office is 4100 Columbia St, Hilliard, OH 43026.

The Club Jr. Fair T-shirts can be picked up in the Jr. Fair office (Wednesday thru Saturday 9-9.) It is located behind the Ganyard Building.

Help Us Stock the Trailer

Franklin County Junior Fairboard is participating in Fight the Hunger / Stock the Trailer Food Drive sponsored by Farm Credit Mid America. Farm Credit Mid America is giving three top cash prizes to the county fairs that donate the most pounds of food to their local food bank. The cash awards for 1st place are $5,000, 2nd place $3,500, and 3rd place $2,500. The awards are to help the county fairs with 4-H and Junior Fair Youth activities. Please help us collect food for the Mid-Ohio Food Collective and aim to win the top prize for our efforts. We can only accept canned food items during fair week, July 18-24, 2022.

The Junior fair board is providing an incentive to the clubs. The club that brings in the most pounds will receive $100 for their club treasury; 2nd place is $50.00 for their club Treasury and 3rd place is $25.00 for their club treasury. Please coordinate with your club to bring all your club's collected items at one time.

An incentive for Public participation – For every 50 cans donated, your name will be placed into a drawing for one (1) of five (5) gift cards.

The drop-off location is on the Southeast side of the Burke building in the tan enclosed trailer.

Livestock Exhibitor Information

  1. Shavings will be available for sale. Each bag is $6.00. All shavings are fine.

  2. We will be holding a clinic for Rabbits and Poultry the day prior to the shows. Please make sure you sign up so we know how many people to prepare for. Sign up sheet will be on the information cork board by the barn office (back of Bleachers). If you are taking a large animal and would like guidance, please let the livestock advisor know and we will connect you with an older 4-Her to review.
    Poultry Clinic – Monday, July 18th at 3PM in the poultry area.
    Rabbit Clinic – Tuesday, July 19 at 2PM in the rabbit area.

  3. The Barns close at 11PM. If you need to be in the barn after 11PM, you MUST make arrangements with the Jr Fair Livestock Advisors. If you are in the barns without permission, the sheriff's deputies will make you to leave.

Mindful Moments during the Fair

As part of the “Your Thoughts Matter” Project book, Saddles N' Such has sponsored a 4-H Mindfulness Zone in Horse Barn 24. This is open to everyone – 4-Hers, siblings, friends, parents, basically everyone! It is located in the open northeast corner of Horse Barn 24. If you need a moment to yourself; If you are feeling overwhelmed, or just stressed out. Please go to Horse Barn 24 and either pick up a coloring tool and color a block or two on the picture or practice the breathing techniques listed. Taking a moment for yourself is important! And please any time you need to talk to someone be sure to seek out any advisor with the advisor’s name tags! We are all here to listen! 😊

Ohio 4-H Teen Leaders Council Applications Now Available

Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council (TLC) applications for the 2022-23 year are now available and can be found on our website at! Current TLC members who wish to continue their service must re-apply.

  • Applications and more information about the group can be found online at: Please note: applications (and other materials, including letters of recommendation and program fees) are due by Friday, August 12, 2022. Applications require reference and signature from a county 4-H professional. At this point, you'll need to act fast! Don't wait until the last minute. Beth and Rachel plan to take a little vacation time in August.
  • The term for selected individuals will be September 1, 2022-August 31, 2023.
  • The application process will be handled entirely online this year. The following links will be important to those seeking to apply:
  • Application:
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