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Teacher of Record

Update on Teacher of Record

We have received several questions on the previous newsletter regarding Teacher of Record. Due to the high demand for virtual learning this year, most of our providers been challenged with finding teachers than in past years. We have been notified by a few of our providers that have had challenges finding Michigan certified teachers. When we learn of a teacher whose certification may be in question, we notify the districts. At time we recommend to the districts the following options:

1) Provide a certified Teacher, certified within the content area within your district to be the Teacher of Record (TOR) for those students enrolled in those courses, 2) Contact the course Provider to see if they can resolve this situation with you directly, or 3) Drop those students from those courses and enroll them in a different course that does have a MI certified teacher (perhaps from another provider).

Due to the high number of enrollments this year, we recommend that you validate the Teacher's certification as well for any online courses. Portal users can do this by clicking on "Dashboard" in the portal and running the Teacher PIC Report in the upper right corner.

Huge Demand For Virtual Learning

With so many students learning virtually this year, GenNET Online Learning and our course providers are experiencing larger numbers of enrollments this school year. This increased number of enrollments has resulted in a slower turn around for getting students enrolled in courses with the providers. GenNET Online Learning is working with the providers to get students enrolled as quick as possible. In additions, many providers have stated that they are at enrollment capacity and are not taking any new enrollments at the moment. Please feel free to reach out to us via phone/email below with any questions. Thank you for your patience and support as we work through the high volume of inquiries.

Contact Us for Support

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 810-591-4401 or 1-888-364-5409 or by email at: