Bethany Hamilton

Follow Your Dreams!


Bethany Hamilton is a surfer. She had to regain her surfing and strength after and accident.

Bethany Hamilton, Follow Your Dreams!

by Michael Sandler

Main Character

Bethany Hamilton was a champion surfer. She was attacked by a tiger shark and lost her arm. She had to recover but then began to surf again.
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Supporting Characters

Cherri Hamilton- Mom

Tom Hamilton- Dad

Noah & Timmy- Brothers

Her family surfed together and helped her begin to recover from the injury.

Overview of the Book (Nonfiction)

Bethany Hamilton lived in Hawaii and was in a family of surfers. She loved competing at surf competitions. She won her first contest at 8 years old. By the time she was a teenager she was of the country's top surfers. On October 31, 2003 Bethany was at the beach surfing. She was sitting on her board dangling her left arm waiting of the next wave. Then she felt a tug on her arm and saw blood in the water. Her arm had been bitten off by a tiger shark. She was in a life or death situation. Bethany is an amazing girl and surfer and lives to tell her story.

Time Line

1990- Bethany was born in Hawaii.

1995- Bethany starts surfing.

1998- Bethany wins division at the Rell Sunn Menehune Surf Contest.

2003- October 31 Bethany lost her arm in a shark attack.

2003- November Bethany surfs again.

2004- Bethany resumes competitive surfing and in August takes first place at a National Scholastic Surfing Association contest in Hawaii.

2005- Bethany wins her division in NSSA National Championships. Bethany travel that same year to Thailand to help children who suffered in the tsunami.

Book Review

I like this because it is real. She is a role model to anyone to not give up. Her saying is to follow your dreams. I learned good lessons about how to react during a bad time. My favorite part was when she returned to surfing after the accident. I would rate this book a 10! You can find it at E-Books.