Full Moon Party

presented: Rahav Priav and Yarin Drori


  1. Location: The festival takes place on Haad Rin Beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand.
  2. Hours and time open: Every end of a month.
  3. Tickets prices: there is no price to the tickets so there price is free.
  4. You can find more information in the website "http://www.fullmoonparty-thailand.com"
  1. Why is each holiday or festival celebrated?
  2. How is it celebrated?


  1. The first Full Moon Party was improvised at a Paradise Bungalows on the beach in 1985, for giving thanks to about 20–30 travelers. The parties gained fame through word of mouth, and the event now draws a crowd of about 5,000–30,000 every full moon evening. and they celebrated the holiday in the end of the month.
  2. When the people come to the party they are start to singing songs,danceing by morning and eat lot of food especially junkfood. they have a good time.
The World Best Beach Party "FULL MOON PARTY, THAILAND"