Year End Band Schedule Take 2


Sadly . . .

the week following our spring concert on May 6th, my responsibilities turn towards the 4th grade class preparing them for band recruitment. May 1st will be their last small group lesson during the day. It's always hard for me to turn my current 5th graders loose after all of their progress and to think about starting all over again!

By the way, I know that May 1st is also the kids' Slave Simulation and have worked their lessons around it so they won't miss anything. We WILL have 7:45 am as well.

additional performance added - june 1st during school

I am happy to report that the CHMS Symphonic Band will be doing a playing tour of the elementary schools on Monday, June 1st. The Beginners will get an opportunity to perform at this assembly as well. The Walker Assembly will be at 12:45 pm. Experience tells me we will need a rehearsal to keep everything fresh so we will meet on Friday, May 29th at 7:45 am with instruments. The kids are excited about the chance to play this music again for their classmates & teachers.

Band Breakfast

Friday, May 22nd - 7:45 am - no instruments but please bring band binder

We will have a light bagel, cream cheese, strawberry and water breakfast (ingredient list provided below). In addition, we will watch a video of their performance, make purchases from the pot of gold and talk about some things they can practice at their leisure over the summer.

Bagel Ingredient List - please send an alternate snack if any of these ingredients are problematic

Plain Bagel (enriched bleached flour (wheat flour, malt barley flour, niacin, ferrous sulfate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), water, high fructose corn syrup, salt, yeast, molasses, wheat gluten, malt barley flour, soy oil, contains less than 2% ascorbic acid, enzyme, L. Cysteine (an amino acid). Processed in a facility which also processes tree nuts.).

April/May Schedule

Thursday, April 30 - 2:30 -3:45 pm Big Band at CHMS, percussionists stay until 4:30 pm

Friday, May 1 - 7:45 am band and lessons

Wednesday, May 6 - 5:00 pm Concert at CHMS, 4:15 pm report time, 6th Grade Music Intention form due

Friday, May 8 - OFF

Friday, May 15 - OFF

Friday, May 22 - 7:45 am band breakfast (no instruments - band binder only) no lessons

Friday, May 29 - 7:45 am rehearsal - no lessons

Tuesday, June 1st - Walker Assembly - bring instruments & music to school



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