Describing the Universe

In terms of time,distance,and organization.

What is astronomy

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1. Describe the characteristic of the universe in terms of, distance, and organization.

2. identify the visible and nonvisible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

3. Compare refracting telescopes and reflecting telescopes.

4. Explain how telescopes for non visible electromagnetic radiation different from

Compare the visible and invisible em spectrum.

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Compare The Refracting and Reflecting Telescope.

A refracting telescope is a telescope that uses lenses to gather and focus light from distant objects.and reflecting telescope uses mirrors to gather and focus light from distant objects.the refracting telescope have clear lenses. compare to the reflecting telescope also these huge telescopes have an objective lens. One problem that they had with the refracting telescope was that it was difficult to make a very large lense of the require strength and quality.but their was a guy who new how to fix the problem of the refracting telescope and his name was Isaac Newton.he was build the refracting telescope and able to fix the require strength and quality of the telescope to view the image .

Invisible light telescopes and Space Based Telescopes.

Telescopes for Invisible Light are different from telescopes for Visible light:

1. The Visible Light Telescopes can only attract Radiation.

2. The Radiation travels to earth to power our elections.

3. The Radiation can't be seen by the telescope and humans.

4. The Radiation powers many different types of electronics.

5. The Invisible Telescope can also attract light that can't be seen.

Space Based Telescopes are a solution for Telescopes on earth which have to deal with the Atmosphere getting in the way:

1. The Space Based Telescope can see light from different stars.

2. This Telescope can also attract Radiation.

3. Space Based Telescopes can also allow Radiation to travel to earth.

4. The Radiation powers many electronics from earth just like the Invisible Light.

5. This Telescope can't see our Solar Radiation.