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Mindsets how to go from harmful ones to productive ones

What mindsets are bad, How to get the good ones

Fixed Mindsets, Problem?

Mindsets are how people perceive everything from goals they have to the way you live life. One type of mindset is fixed, this entails the ideals of there is only one things can be done or that if adversity appears then it is deemed impossible. For example if you are learning how to ride a bike, bake a cake, or make a free throw if you fail in the beginning then the task is impossible. Right off the bat we see how this is bad, but what if you don’t know that you're living your life this way? Think of the last thing that you've tried to learn but did not succeed, how did you handle this? Did you try again or did you give in to the ideals of a fixed mindset? Did your brain claim the riding a bike as an impossibility or a discovery of a way not to shoot a free throw?

Fixed mindsets inhibit people from reaching their desired or true potential in life, but there is an answer to this dilemma. The growth mindset, as Stanford University’s Carol Dweck depicts as, “The belief that there are multiple way to do something and if you at first fail then you try again...”. A growth mindset pursue greatness because it sees failure as an opportunity instead of a mistake. It is the solution to the overwhelming problem of fixed mindsets. They might not seem that different but there is a great disparity between the two.

Are they that different?

The growth mindsets allow for a better picture of how things are done whether it is riding a bike, baking a cake, or shooting a freethrow. The fixed mindset keeps your view on life very limited. Both show how people live life, go about day to day activities and goals In the situation of learning something new a person with a fixed mindset will give up without really trying to face their adversities to the best of their abilities, on the other hand someone with a growth mindset would be willing to try ways they believe will work and ways they don’t just to know if it works. A major way the two mindsets differ is also whether or not they use suggestions from others when failing at a task. Fixed mindsets are in the understanding their way is the only way right or wrong, in contrast growth mindsets will take suggestions once realizing that their ideas may not work. It is clearly established that growth mindsets are better then fixed mindsets, if you think other wise you probably have a fixed mindset, but for those who want to change their mindset it’s not as hard as it may seems.

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How to acquire a growth mindset

Transitioning from fixed to open mindset isn't something easy to do but with enough perseverance and persistence is do able. First, and most importantly you, need to make sure never give in to the idea of impossibility. Once you have fallen mentally then the physical aspect is not far behind. Another ideal you must understand mentally is that failure isn’t truly failing unless you give up, for more information about overcoming failure check out “Overcoming Failure”. Its ok to get things wrong or be wrong as long as you are willing to try and fix it. Next you need to be willing to take others advice and ideas, to people like me who tend to take a leadership, dictator, role in group or activities this is very important. You can’t let pride and ignorance prevent you from reaching your goals. These need to all be done simultaneously for a full transition to a growth mindset. Following these principles for life will have an impact your perception of can and cannot.

How It Helps

Someone with a growth mindset pushes for greatness. This is a result of their persistence through adversity and open mind when challenged with an overwhelming problem. This allows them to go further because they have the motivation to make it through wear people with fixed mindsets have to give too much in the beginning and never make it far enough. The outcome of taking on the growth mindset will change how often reaching you goals and because you will reach more goals you will be more willing to take on a challenge. This impacts your mentality in life because this teaches you that adversity doesn't have to be an unbreakable wall of problems, it's something that with enough perseverance can be done. Pushing for a growth mindset requires adapting to new situations and applying others suggestions. Overall the end result of transitioning to a growth mindset has only positives.

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