Kinder Corner

What's new with kindergarten! Week 10

November 3rd is the 50th day of school

We hope you are having fun coming up with dress-up ideas for your child to celebrate the 50th day of school! It can be as simple as a white t-shirt and jeans or as fancy as poodle skirts!

Please remember that School starts at 7:30!

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It's darker in the mornings, and that makes getting ready a little harder. We understand, because we teachers feel the same pain ;) We have noticed that fewer students walk in at 7:30 than earlier in the year. Please know that the extra few minutes to unpack, greet friends, and prepare for the day helps your child tremendously. We appreciate your efforts and support to help us have a flood of kiddos in our rooms at 7:30!

Readers due on Thursdays!

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Please remember to have your child turn in their reader on Thursdays. They will receive a sticker in a Braum's reading incentive program. Once enough stickers are collected, they will get a coupon for a free single dip cone!

Zipping, Slipping, Buttoning, and Tying

With the cooler weather upon us, please help your child practice independence with coats, gloves/mittens, and shoes. We only have 30 minutes total for recess, and we want your child to spend it playing, not waiting for a teacher to help them with cold weather clothing.

Also, with Texas weather fluctuations, please keep an eye on the weather, and have your child dress appropriately. 74 degress today could be 62 tomorrow!

Thank you so much for your help with this.

Curriculum Corner

Language Arts:

-Unit 3 Week 1: Transportation

-Letter of the week: Tt

-HFW: see


Social Studies:




-Celebrating the 50th Day of School



-Designing a Bridge