Transition Plus

Employment; Independent Living; PSEO; SEL - Week 5

Mammo- a - go -go

Annual screening mammograms are the best way to detect breast cancer in its earliest, most curable stages. Yet many women put off getting a mammogram due to busy schedules or inconvenience. At Park Nicollet Jane Brattain Breast Center, we are committed to making mammograms more convenient for women. Our mobile mammography unit, Mammo a-go-go, brings the best in screening services to you in a tranquil, spa-on-wheels environment.

On-site mobile mammography is available for employees and spouses. Appointments only take 15 minutes and are a covered preventive benefit under the Affordable Care Act.

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PS Knowledge Month

In preparation for Post-Secondary Knowledge Month in October, please complete the Google SpreadSheet

This information will be displayed in the front bulletin board for all to see! I have provided examples on how to complete the spreadsheet in the document.

Questions / concerns? See Robby!

Pride Group

There will be a pride group starting October 7 and will meet on CBI Fridays. This group is for LGBTQ students and allies. Let your advisory students know this will be an option. For more information see Tam.

Random Searches

Please advise students that there may be a random search day when they enter the building. When a random search day occurs- all students entering the building will have their bags randomly searched and they will be wanded. This is an effort to maintain everyone's safety for a drug-free and weapon free zone.

Lockdown Drills

Please ensure that you have reviewed the lockdown procedures with your advisory classes. Make sure to cover what to do if not in the building, in the halls or other parts of the building.


On Tuesdays, we encourage all staff to come dressed professionally. Tie Tuesdays are about putting forward our best selves. Women are encouraged to wear ties or scarves too as part of 'tied' professional dress.

Doors propped during the day

Please be aware that Door 19 has been found unlocked multiple times since the beginning of the school year. It can be unlocked with the use of an Allen wrench. This is a safety concern for all. If you have been unlocking the door, please refrain from this. If you see a student doing this please notify Jason.

Door 16 has been left open during the day and has been propped also. Please refrain from propping any doors throughout the school day.

Work Time Entered

Please make sure you are entering your work time in ESS. If you have a day you are not working and not using sick/vacation time, please place a 0 for that day. This will make it easier when approving time to make sure you have entered each day. It is your responsibility to make sure your time is entered each day.


  • Tuesday will be Team Meetings- please share your agendas with Jason
  • Friday will follow the Monday/Wednesday schedule
  • Friday will be the ESP meetings- email Jason if you want to add something to the agenda

Door 16

Reminder- Door 16 is the first point of entry for Transition Plus. It is important to maintain this as a professional environment. Please do not congregate around the front desk. If you need to check in with staff in this area, do this and leave the area.

Project Search

Deadline for Project Search applications is this Friday- September 23.
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