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ACC approval, Update on Gate Proposal, and Vandalism

Architectural Control Committee's Mission "Saves the homeowner time and money"

MISSION STATEMENT As an administrative arm of the Board of Directors, the Architectural Control Committee’s role is to preserve, protect and enhance the value of the properties in the Community of Shiloh Farms by implementing the architectural provisions stated in the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions. The Architectural Control Committee is chartered with ensuring uniform and equitable compliance with these Covenants.

The Board would like to extend a special THANKS to our ACC Members. They contribute a substantial amount of volunteer time to the ACC mission.

Gillian Crassweller
Bret Hammons
Catherine Keith
Brian Klotz

Why submit an ACC approval form before making changes to your home?

We have all chosen to live in a neighborhood with by laws for a reason. We want to protect the value of our properties by creating standards for the condition of homes within the neighborhood. The ACC is there to make sure that all changes to the exterior of homes is in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the neighborhood. It is not possible to keep a list of "approved" colors any longer because of the sheer quantity of paints available. The ACC is a group of volunteers that take into account modern trends while still trying to maintain a standard look in our neighborhood. The ACC can save the homeowner time and money by approving or declining to approve certain colors, structures, or home ornamentation. If the ACC does not approve the plan, it will save the homeowner from the expensive cost of repainting. You must submit a form for approval before making exterior changes unless you are using the exact same colors for your home that were previously ACC approved.

Gate Proposal

The gate proposal is a very complicated issue that takes a lot of research. The Board just wanted to let the community know that our Treasurer Gary Nixon is spending copious amounts of time gathering the necessary data to present to the neighborhood at the Annual Meeting. The Board has been in contact with several gated communities and various gate management companies to present the best possible numbers for consideration. This process takes due diligence and The Board wants to present the most accurate numbers possible before the vote. Please know that every effort is being made to present all sides of this issue and prepare you to make an educated and informed vote.

Concrete work in Shiloh

We will be having concrete work done around Shiloh on Monday November 29th, 2021. We just wanted to let you know that the concrete problem at the tennis pavilion will be fixed at that time, plus other concrete issues in Shiloh.

Vandalism in Shiloh

Please talk to your teenagers and pre-teens

The new handicap sign that was installed about a month ago has been vandalized. It appears that it was either shot with a BB gun or dug out with some sort of tool. We suspect teenagers, either residents or friends of residents, so please talk to your teens and pre-teens and remind them that destruction of property is costly to homeowners and is also illegal. We are in the process of having cameras installed around the clubhouse and tennis pavilion. The sign will have to be replaced as it is unfixable.

The silly string incident happened on Halloween night. We are happy that kids are having fun in the neighborhood. However, silly string is very labor intensive to remove and could have damaged the paint if left on for too long. Please chat with your children about the implications of these actions. Both will cost the neighborhood money and also requires extra and unnecessary work for the Board.

Residents, please keep an eye on our common areas and notify the Board if you see anything suspicious.

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