Dinner in Boston

Boston's stuck indoors. Keep 'em company.

Bostonians have been stuck inside all day

Not being able to leave their homes it's been a scary, and generally crappy day, for folks in Boston.

Since they're stuck in doors, the rest of can join them for dinner!

Step 1: Contact friends & family you know in Boston

Anyone/everyone you know in Boston.

Step 2: Setup a time to have dinner together

May be a little early for folks on the West Coast, or a little late for folks in Boston, but you can make it happen.

Step 3: Use Google Hangout or Skype to eat together!

Setup a Google Hangout or Skype call with friends/family in Boston so you can make, eat, and enjoy dinner together.

Bonus: you get their mind of the shizzle that's going on and you get to connect with people you love.

If you like the idea, spread it around

Hurry...it's almost time to eat! :)