Out of my Mind

About Melody

Melody- Melody is a very smart, fun, and caring girl, and can be very curious. But the only thing holding her back is her Cerebral-palsy. She can't talk, she can't walk, she can't even feed herself, let alone live her life the way she wants to. But she keeps her head up! And in the end all her worries come to an end. She now has a voice.

Important People to Melody

Mom & Dad- Her mom and dad are very important to Melody because even in the toughest times, they never gave up.

Mrs. V- Mrs. V is very important to her because she was the only one who was not afraid to babysit her. Mrs. V believed in Melody, she knew one day Melody would be able to talk and, she made sure Melody was able to get to that point in her life.

Butterscotch- Butterscotch is important to Melody because her and Melody kinda have the same problems. They both can't talk, but Butterscotch is always there.



This book has a very unique theme. Because she can care for people more than she cares about herself. If you ask me she would be a great friend to have because of how caring she is.