Sr. Shazia's 4th Grade News Desk

December 2015

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Time Flies When You're Having Fun....:)

My dear fourth grade students enjoying their downtime with reading....cuteness overload!

Trending Now in 4th Grade:

December Schedule:
  • Robotics Club on Saturdays: 5th & 12th December, 12:00 - 2:00 PM
  • GA Power In-School Field Trip: Tuesday 8th December
  • UISA Quran Recitation Event: Saturday 12th December, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM @Hamzah Islamic Center, 665 Tidwell Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30004. Come and cheer our ILMers on!
  • Bake Sale - Hosted by 3rd Grade: Friday 11th December
  • ILM Academy Science Fair: Monday 14th December, 2:30 - 4:00 PM. More details given below, in the Science section.
  • Math Olympiad, Division E & M Competition: Tuesday 15th December
  • 4th Grade Breakfast with Sr. Farhat: Tuesday 15th December
  • Spelling Bee - Final Division Round (Grades 4th - 8th): Thursday 17th December
  • ILM Dress Down Day: Friday 18th December - even though students will be out of uniform, students MUST still dress in Islamic appropriate attire.
  • Winter Break Holidays: Yippee!! December 21st - January 1st, 2015. Students will return to school on Monday 4th January, 2016, iA:)

I would like to remind parents of the necessity of sending healthy and nutritious lunch and snack items. The students are in the midst of their physical development period; therefore diet, sleep, and exercise, are crucial in contributing to their emotional/social and academic well-being. Whilst in school, I would recommend that the students refrain from eating processed foods; with artificial flavors, colors, or additives please. Your children are our children:)

Meanwhile, if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s subject teacher. For homeroom issues, please get in touch via my email;

Sr. Shazia.

Curriculum Corner

English Language Arts & Reading

For the month of November, our budding fourth graders have been busy with sealing off their Unit 3 in their reading curriculum. MA, the students appear to have a better grasp at comprehending their reading texts, and applying their reading skills/strategies. We are also wrapping up Unit 3 with Language Arts. Students are about to complete their unit on Verbs, and we are currently in the process of compare/contrast writing. During the month of November, our beloved fourth graders produced some wonderful descriptive writing pieces; one of which I am sharing below. Each month, I hope to showcase at least two students' writing pieces in our monthly newsletter, iA:) As the half year mark is around the corner, we are two weeks away from completing our spelling word list. Once we complete the entire list, we will revisit the words in order to provide the students with more exposure, and they can subsequently build upon their vocabulary bank, iA.

November Writing Sample: Roua Guerrouj

The Missing Lunch

One Sunday morning, I woke up and I knew I was late for Sunday school. The bus was leaving, so I chased after it. But it was bad luck as I had missed it! I then resorted to Plan B; which was walking. It was a long, tiring, and monotonous walk, as I was also freezing because the weather was so uncomfortably cold.

When I had finally arrived at school, we still had lessons. But by this time, I could eat a horse. I was famished and very angry. Finally, the lunchtime bell rang like crazy. Quickly, I darted to get my lunchbox. To my shock and horror, it wasn’t there!

I yelled, “Noooooooooo!”

I sat at the lunch tables as my tummy was growling and grumbling. My eyes spotted crumbs on the floor that led to the library. I heard a rough scratch. I got up and followed the trail. All of a sudden, I saw that a cat was pecking at my first lunch. Fortunately, my dad had packed me two lunch items, and the cat had only managed to guzzle one of them down.

I screamed, “Scram, you naughty cat!”

I let him have the first bag, but the second bag was all mine. Luckily as well, my older sister had found out about the incident, and came to the rescue. She gave me half of her cheese pizza. I was nourished again, and felt alive once more! AH!

Science: Dr. Pervaiz & Sr. Nazia

As part of our STEAM initiative and in alignment with our curriculum of forces, motion and energy (Science), students were given a challenge of making roller coasters (Engineering and Technology). The students were placed in teams and a competition was arranged where the team whose marble would take the longest (Maths) would be the winner. For this they had to think about putting obstacles on the ramps to slow the marble amongst other things. Students rose to the challenge and thoroughly enjoyed this task!

Message From Dr. Pervaiz - Science Fair

Student projects will be graded by judges. You are welcome to view these projects between 2.30-4.00 PM. If any project requires equipment to be demonstrated or display for presentation they will need to bring it on Monday morning 14th December between 7.30AM-8.00AM.

Any project not submitted by next Wednesday (9th Dec.) at the latest will not be judged/graded and this could have an impact on their final grade.

Dress code (4-8th grades only):

We would like our students to follow a formal dress code for the science fair.

For boys: formal shirt, trousers, tie (optional) and dress shoes.

For girls: skirts, blouses, dress shoes, hijab and jackets or Abaya + jacket

If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to e.mail me or Sr. Nazia

Math - Sr. Anam

In the month of November, students learned how to multiply multi-digit numbers and are now ready to begin Division. Students also enjoyed making their own base ten blocks with clay.

Arabic - Sr. Fatima

4th graders can explain their summer vacay in Arabic! Ask them the word for summer, vacation, or even tent! I'm sure they will know it :)

Islamic Studies - Sr. Javaria


Alhamdulillah November was Fairness Month and we enjoyed the Ice Cream Party for the top performers to understand the concept of reward and consequences in real life. We learned about the Islamic Year, the month of seeking knowledge Ramadan, fasting and things that break the fast. We now look at moon as a big sign of Allah SWT visible any part of the world SubhanAllah.

Please ask the energetic 4th graders whats the dua to see the moon and whats the dua to open the fast. Also discuss how can they put "J" (Jama'ah) on Salah Chart. We are now learning on manners to sleep and eat in Unit E : Islamic Lifestyle Alhamdulillah.

Please note Islamic Studies class meets Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Please do not send any IS related material to school on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Homework is assigned on Mondays and is mostly due Thursdays. Friday will be a quiz/test day to make sure the students comprehend fully and ready to move to next lesson In Sha Allah. Students are encouraged to take books/work books and notebook home after every I.S class and bring it for next class. Parents please encourage your child to read the chapter of the week 5 minutes every day to help with reading skills too :).Please encourage and help your child to fill in Salah Chart and turn in end of month. May Allah SWT increase us all in beneficial ILM. and Amal Ameen.

Jazak Allah Khairan Kaseeran

O Allah! Grant us Your special blessings; and provide ease and rightful guidance for us in all our matters. Ameen [Al Kahf : Verse 10]

Javairia Ghazanfar

Sr. Heba - Art & Physical Education

Students were having a lot of fun when creating their personal clay pottery. At the same time students also completed their previous circular acrylic project.