Exploring the Solar System

Amanda Doering Tourville, Aubrey Ford, 48pg.


The topic of my book is our solar system. There are many facts about our planets and other ones to. I already know that in millions and billions of years the sun will swell up and burn Earth.
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Did you know that one light-year is 5.9 miles. And the Huble Space Telescope can see several billion light-years away. Also Uranus has 13 rings.


The Moon has a very thin atmosphere that does not give lots of protection from meteorites. That's why the Moon has so many craters. The text was on page 37, it supported the text because the text was talking about Moons but mostly our's. Also how the Moon's gravitational pull affects our waves in the ocean

R.A.S.P. Answer

Some info that the author left out is were there any other people who discovered other planets? Because it only talked about Galileo. Galileo was an astronomer and one of the people who founded parts of Saturns rings.