Articles of Confederation

Jace Antenorcruz

Articles of Confederation was the worst constitution

The Articles of confederation was made on November 15 1777. This document was considered the first constitution of the United States. Also the thirteen colonies agreed to it. The reason why it was weak, its because they didn't want it to be too strong.

The strengths And weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

Strengths: One of the Strengths was that it governed the nation during the revolutionary war. Also it negotiated the treaty of Paris. Plus land ordnance of 1785 and Northwest Ordnance of 1787.

Weaknesses: The weaknesses of the A of C was that they lacked power to enforce laws. They lacked power to levy powers. They did not do good on controlling trades among the states. Also they had no respect.

The Northwest Ordinance of 1787

The Northwest Ordinance divided and organized the land, to make it easy for people to move out west. It was important because they set a side land for public schools.

The strengths And Weaknesses of the Ordinance

Strengths: Some strengths are that when the population reaches 60,000, they can become a state. Also Slavery is banned from the territory. Settlers have the same rights and privileges as other citizens. When a territory has 5,000 free adult males, it can elect its own legislature.

Weaknesses:Congress had no power to coin money, therefore each state developed its own currency. Also Congress was unable to regulate interstate and foreign commerce; some states refused to pay for goods they purchased from abroad. And Congress was unable to impose taxes. it could only borrow money on credit.

Shays Rebellion Causes and Effects

Causes: Congress had a money shortage. Plus Farmers could not pay their taxes so they were thrown in jail for debt.

Effects: Many Americans realized that the government is weak. So congress calls for a convention. People like Madison see a need for a strong central government.

Shays Rebellion Positives and negative effects

Positives: They thought of a strong government. The good thing is that they called for a convention.

Negatives: Their money was low. Farmers had a tough time paying their taxes so most of them were throw in jail.