10 Money Manage Tips

Every College Student Should Know These

Use Loans As A Last Resort

-They are an investment for your future but can put you in a lot of debt!

-Many students spend 10-20 years paying off college loans

-You want to graduate with as little debt possible.. Look for scholarships and grants first


-Make school your first job

-Limit your hours

-Before taking a job talk to your financial aid..Ask if earning additional income will affect your eligibility for financial aid

-If it will, calculate which will be more beneficial—the job or the aid

Learn About Your Options For Saving Money

-there are savings accounts,money market accounts, U.S. saving bonds stocks, and much more

-For ex. Bonds promise to pay interest on your money until the bond matures (generally one to 30 years).

Car Payments

-most college students don't need a car

-colleges provide transportation

-if you have a car drive safely to prevent any extra expenses