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AAA News You Can Use-April 11

AAA Family

Thank you for your participation and enthusiasm this week as we rolled out Blue Ribbon on Wednesday and talked about art/arts integration on Friday. There was a feeling of excitement and sense of community throughout the media center on both days. I look forward to showcasing our school through the Blue Ribbon process...listening to your conversations and reading the brainstorming lists from Wednesday highlighted the AAAmazing work you have accomplished this year. Thank you to Tasheria and Brenda for getting us started on this journey!

Talking about art also gave us another opportunity to get to know each other as we immersed ourselves in an afternoon of art. Art is what makes our school different but cultivating a culture rich in art and conversation about art is what will make us AAAmazing. Thank you to Liz, Aimee, Cynthia and Cherise for taking time to prepare and share their learning with us!

Concept Maps

Below are the links that I shared with you throughout the week.

How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience and School is a book published by the National Research Council.

Technology Survey

For All Certified Staff: In an effort to improve system practices, Academy for Academics and Arts is conducting a Alabama Technology Transform 2020 Survey: Teacher. please go to:

This survey must be completed by our entire AAA Certified Staff including Teachers, Media Specialists, Counselors, Special Ed Teachers, and other AAA Certified Staff by Friday, April 15th.

There will be a sign in sheet in the workroom stating that you have completed the survey. Many of you have signed in...THANK YOU!!! If you haven't, hurry up. :)

STAR Testing Schedule

**Mrs. Small will schedule with Pre-K


Monday, April 11 Reading Clower 8:30 a.m.

Tuesday, April 12 Reading Coleman 8:30 a.m.

Wednesday, April 13 Reading Corley 8:30 a.m.

Thursday, April 14 Reading Taylor 8:30 a.m.

Grades 1

Wednesday, April 19th ELA 8:30a.m

Thursday, April 20 Math 8:30a.m

Grade 2

Tuesday, April 19 ELA 8:30 a. m.

Wednesday April 20 Math 8:30 a.m.

Grades 3

Tuesday, April 19 ELA (Graham) During regular class times

Thursday, April 20 Math (Leslie) During regular class times

Grades 4

Tuesday, April 12 ELA (Hester) During regular class times

Thursday, April 14 Math (Lazor) During regular class times

Grade 5

Monday , April 11 ELA (Roberts) During regular class times

Thursday April 21 Math (Hunt) During regular class times

Grades 6

Monday April 11 Bennett Math 1-8th Scheduled Periods

Wednesday April 13 Estelle Reading 1-8th Scheduled Periods

Grades 7-8

Monday April 18 Fletcher/Gaines Reading 1-8th Scheduled Periods

Tuesday April 19 Cuff/Goodwin Math 1-8th Scheduled Periods

Spring Testing

April 6-27 DIBELS Testing

April 11-21 Star Testing*** THIS A NEW DATE***

May 2-13 ACT Aspire (SEE DETALS BELOW)

May 16-20 SchoolNet Testing

We will get more information about out End of Course Tests for Geometry and Algebra next week....

Watch for an adjusted daily schedule during the week of testing! We should have it ready by next week. The PE schedule will be adjusted school wide, 6-8 graders will meet with for one block with every teacher during the week, and arts teachers will coordinate with elementary to schedule classes during available times. Please know that we want every child to get every art but the testing will not allow that to happen. Thank you for being as flexible as possible for the week of May 2.

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Preparing Laptops for ACT ASPIRE Grades 3-8

All machines are supposed to have a TestNav icon on their desktop. However, this icon may not have appeared yet. Students need to shut down their laptops in order for all information and updates to be pushed to their computer. Starting on Monday, April 11, please have ALL STUDENTS TO DO A SHUT DOWN of their laptops during homeroom. After the shut down, they can restart but the icon may require machines to be on for several hours for it to appear. The shut down should occur every morning next week.

If you have questions, please check with Mrs. Parker for more details.

Textbook Collection, Laptop Info and EOY Tech Procedures

  • All textbooks in grades 3-8 must be brought to library for inventory, even teacher editions
  • Teachers should back up their Lenovo. Teacher Lenovo will be reimaged two weeks prior to the last day of school. If anyone needs help backing up to Onedrive, see Mrs. Levert.
  • ActiBoard pens, projector remotes, and widis must be placed in widi zipper bag and labeled with room number (not teacher name.) These will be collected by Mrs. Parker.
  • Let Mrs. Parker know if the labels on the students’ computer are missing or unreadable, asap. (New ones must be printed prior to laptop pick-up.)

If you have any questions, please check in with Mrs. Levert or Mrs. Parker for more details.

Math Assessment for Teachers

The math assessment will be given on Tuesday, April 26, 2016 at Whitesburg School cafeteria from 3:45 – 5:45 pm. The test is open to any Huntsville City School Certified teacher in grades K – 6 interested in teaching math in grades 3-6 next year. There will be a make up day for the test on Tuesday, May 3rd at Blossomwood Elementary School library from 3:45 – 5:45 pm for teachers unable to attend on April 26.

Current math teachers do not need to take the assessment again. Teachers who took the assessment last year, but did not pass are welcome to take the assessment this year if they are interested in teaching math.

Please let me know if you plan to attend so I can submit to Missy Walker.

AAA Groovers Rehearsal Times

Monday, April 18 3:30-4:30

Wednesday, April 20 3:30-4:30 **Following Blue Ribbon Committee Meetings

Thursday, April 21 3:30-4:30

Monday, April 25 3:30-4:30

Wednesday, April 27 3:30-4:30

Save the Date!

AAA Faculty Retreat will be held at Camp McDowell on July 18 and 19. Be prepared for a great time!

Common Planning Time

Please plan to meet with your team during common planning times. Share your agenda/notes with me via email after your meeting. Topics may include but are not limited to: concepts maps and assessing prior knowledge, arts integration, writing across the grade level, Webb's Depths of Knowledge, digging into data… Discussions may include sharing what you are already doing or planning ahead to how you want to do something in the future.

Kindergarten-Tuesday, 9:55

First grade-Wednesday, 11:50

Second grade-Wednesday, 12:20

Third-Wednesday, 1:20

Fourth-Tuesday, 10:30

Fifth-Wednesday, 11:20

Sixth-Tuesday, 9:00-9:40

Seventh/Eighth-Thursday 9:00-9:40

This Week at a Glance




  • Grade Level Meeting 3:30- location TBA


  • Ribbon Cutting 10am (This event is for the community. We have some students involved in the ceremony and tours.)


  • Kindergarten Field Trip Hays Nature Preserve
  • Walker and Glaze to Merrimack Hall
  • Microwave Dave Foundation guest artist in First Grade


  • FAF
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April 16 Priscilla Hamel

April 23 Marty Barrett

April 25 Rebecca Campbell

Dismissal Duty for this Week


Walk Ups

Baker, Bradford, Clower


Leopold, Knutson, Peck, Rodriguez

(One things are settled inside-please send one teacher outside to assist in loading cars)

STAR Progress Monitoring this week: no progress monitoring because testing window is open

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Don' Forget and Things To Do!

  • Keep mind our wellness plan at all times. Celebration parties are limited to two per year. If there is something your team wants to do, please check the Academy Handbook or with an admin to make sure we are following all guidelines.
  • When emailing large groups, especially parents, be sure to use the blind copy tool. This will prevent parents from seeing other email addresses and being able to reply all. If you need help with this tool, check with a teammate or our fabulous tech, Lona Parker.
  • Please be on prompt for arrival and dismissal to PE.
  • If you haven't already made a contribution to the Sunshine Club, please get with Mrs. Dunn.