Winnebago Tribe

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Winnebago past history

Long ago , the tribe of Winnebago lived in Wisconsin , lllinois , and by Big Lakes . Some of the tribe people were forced to move westward by the US government the people who had to move live in Nebraska today.

Winnebago Present History

The Winnebago tribe live in Wisconsin , Nebraska today . Some of the children are not learning their tirbe's hand writing , and languages as well .


Some of the tools that the Winnebago tribe tools are bows , arrows , spears , nets as well. The bows are for food , Arrows as well . The spears are sometimes used for fish . Nets are used to catch fish .


Some of the games they played are quilwork , beadwork , bas ketry , and pottery . These are all off the Winnebago tribe played .

Intersting Facts

1. Some of the tribe speak English today and some of the tribe speaks their tribes languges .


2. Their transportaion was a birchbark canoes .

3. The Winnebago tribe children like to go hunting , fishing , and camping out doors .

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