Zion National Park

Located in Utah

Zing Facts About Zion National Park

  • Established November 19, 1919
  • 148,733 acres
  • More than 900 unique species of plants
  • 75 species mammal
  • 271 species birds
  • 32 species reptiles and amphibians
  • 8 species fish
  • Elevation low 3,666 feet high 8,726 feet
  • High temperature 104 degrees
  • Low temperature -20 degrees
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Why Zion National Park Should Get Funding

Zion National Park should get funding because it has 900 species of plants that are not native to Utah. If you didn't give it funding people would be able to build homes on the species of plants and they would die. Many park rangers would lose there jobs. Many animals would lose there habitats. That is why my park should get founding.