Calorie report For Mrs. Winter


In our bodies we measure it in units called calories

Why do you need to eat calories and how does your body use it ?

Calories are our daily food. Our bodies uses all the energy by which the calorie takes it.

How do you calculate calories ?

We calculate calories by taking the amount of water amount of water × the change of tempter in the water

What is the difference between a calorie and a Calorie?

A calorie is something we mensure in units called calories

A Calorie is a kilocalorie you times or divided It by a 1000 little c's

What does it mean if a food is calorie dense vs. low - calorie density foods?

calorie dense - theres a lot of calories

low - calories - theres a little bit

calorie dense: pizza and ice cream

low - calorie: salad and watermelon

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What is an empty calorie?

they are calories from solid fats and added sugar food and drinks.
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Some restaurants have started posting calorie information about all the items in their food. Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not?

Yes so people can really know what they are eating and whats in the food.
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How should the number of calories you consume compare the number of calories you burn? What happens if they don't match?

That you consume should be the same amount that you burn. Shouldn't consume more than you burn.
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An example of a positive choice you can make regarding calories.

You can eat less calories or burn more calories.

Who could you share what you've learned with?

I could share this information to some one who makes poor decision in picking food or drinks.