ACCI Library Learning Commons

and the Family Studies Department


Hours 8:15-4:00 daily.

Hello Family Studies! Now that we have hit our stride in the school year, we want to introduce or remind you of some of our services and resources.

Our Services

  • We customize our lessons to your class needs and promote skills such as research strategies, citation formatting, and presentation skills
  • We are happy to collaborate with teachers on all aspects of the inquiry cycle.
  • The library is a great venue for large or small presentations, guest speakers, and academic competitions. The conference room and classroom offer privacy and quiet for classes or smaller groups.
  • The iPad cart can be used in the library or wheeled to your classroom. iPads offer opportunities for differentiated learning and can promote student engagement. We would love to partner with you to ensure the iPad apps suit the needs of the curriculum, address various learning styles, and provide useful teaching tools.

New Print Resources-Fashion

New Print Resources-Food and Nutrition

New Print Resources--Individual and Society

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