Rocks and Minerals

By Alexa

The 3 different kinds of rocks

There are 3 different kinds of rocks. When Magma cools, it turns into igneous rocks. The next is the sedimentary rock. They form by tiny rocks that form together to make a larger rock.The next rock is a Metamorphic rock. A Metamorphic rock used to be a sedimentary rock or an igneous rock, but changed with heat and pressure from the earth. That is how the three different kinds of rocks form.

Crystals and rocks

Rocks are different than crystals. Crystals are shiny and smooth, while rocks are really rough. Rocks form differently than crystals. First, rocks start by melting. Then they start cooling. Lastly,they start solidifying. Crystals grow by a process called nucleation.

That's how rocks are different than crystals.

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There are many things you can do with rocks

Rocks are very helpful .Scientist like to study them to know more about them.For example,they saw one in space and made it explode!Rocks and minerals are also useful because that is what the earth is made up of. Lastly, some things are made up of rocks and minerals like salt,marble,and pennies. That is how rocks and minerals are useful.