Jane Goodall

Women of the Apes

Jane Goodall: A Retrospective

An ethologist named Jane Goodall helped us understand the chimps of Gombe.

Jane Goodall was born in the year of 1934 in London, England on April 3rd. At an early age, Jane Goodall loved animals and would watch their reactions and behavior. She was taking after an ethologist named Konrad Lorenz, who raised Mallard ducks. She had an understanding mother who would ask about what Goodall saw. As an adult, Jane became more of an expert in ethology. In collage, she was given a P.H.D a year after her marriage. This led to her study of the chimps of Gombe Stream National Park, in what is called Tanzania today. She corrected some misunderstandings like that they are omnivores, not just herbivores, that know how to use tools. In 1964 she married a dutch photographer and later split up with him. Today, this ethologist is still alive and still loves her chimps, a true women of the apes.

-Hailey Marie McClelland