Smart Magic

Urban Fantasy meets Archaeology

The Relic Hunter Series by R. Leonia Shea

A quirky blend of archeology and magic - think of a swashbuckling adventurer who just happens to be an unemployed archaeolgist with a wicked sense of humor and clever magical powers.

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R. Leonia Shea

Since publishing her first book in 2012, R. Leonia Shea has been busy creating her unique brand of quirky urban fantasy. Leigh (as she is known) admits to being a book addict since childhood. The ability to create stories runs in her family, and she uses the stories she grew up hearing to add depth and dimension to her own writing.

Leigh believes a good story can transport the reader from the everyday worries of life and provide a respite from the daily grind. Her light, funny stories are quick-paced and weave fantasy with legends.

Growing up on the East Coast (New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts), have given her great geographical locations to choose as settings for her novels. "I love the history of the Northeast and all of the funky little towns where some wonderfully creative people live." She says. "I can't imagine doing anything more interesting than creating characters and stories that will transport other people into new worlds. I always aim to teach something along the way - a bit of history, or maybe even a more optimistic philosophy - but I want to entertain at the same time. Learning should be fun and reading should be an escape, something to look forward to at the end of a crazy day."

If you're a blogger and want to grab a media kit or arrange an interview, please contact Leigh through Facebook.

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