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February 6th, 2019

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February 8th - Spelling Bee at 1:30pm

February 18th and 19th – Parent Teacher Conferences

February 26th-28th – School Science Fair

March 8th – Early Out at 1:30pm

March 11th-15th – Spring Break

March 26th – STEM Night 5:00pm – 7:30pm

Principal Keener's Message...

ESEA National Conference - SEL

As part of our Title I plan, we sent (2) teachers and myself to the National ESEA Conference. Nearly all conference sessions addressed the important concern of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). For years we have known that students must feel school is welcoming, accepting, and safe. The conference took a flashlight approach to all those educational corners that can harbor and hide issues.

Arctic Light spends its Title I funding on both Core Instruction and SEL. To support our instruction, we have an Instructional Coach and 5 tutors. For SEL, we hire additional Behavior Specialists, conduct school wide incentives, and have staff days for professional development. This past Friday, we worked with Dr. Duke on Restorative Justice.

Social Emotional Learning builds a better community of learners. Restorative Justice is one aspect of this larger umbrella and it comes up most during discipline issues. The concept rests on the understanding that misbehaviors are teachable moments. Now remember to learn, the student must have his or her SEL needs met. Restorative Justice takes a relationship approach asking students to listen to one another and reflect. You may hear new things including students writing, ‘Respect Agreements’. This is different from how I was raised and may be new to you. We still have clear discipline expectations but now we have new tools to teach student positive behavior. More to come as teachers received this last week.

You, our parents, are key partners in the success of our school. Our test scores show growth and we have built programs that our community surveys as ‘needing attention’. Your input is more than important; it guides us to a better tomorrow. Please share your thoughts.

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- You have 2 days to call in and excuse absences for your students to the front office.

- Please do not stop in the road to pick your student up. Please pick them up in the school loops at dismissal.

- Please make sure you bring in your ID when picking up your child or signing a student out.

- If you have someone other than yourself or primary guardian picking up your student please make sure they are updated in your emergency contacts here at the school.

-Winter weather is here. Please make sure your children have ALL their required snow gear.

- At the end of the day, Families with a "K Pass" can drive behind the school and park on the inside lane and come in through the front office. As it gets colder these spots become more important.

Update Your Contact Information!

- Please remember to update your Family Care Plans and emergency contacts!
With trainings and deployments, it is especially important that the school has current contact information regarding your children. This information should include local emergency contacts (other than you) as well as contact info for whoever will be taking care of your child in your absence and or POA’s that need to be put on file.


Parents and guardians, remember to complete your free and reduced lunch applications here at SCHOOL CAFE.

Nutrition Services has made it easier for families to apply for free or reduced priced meals. We encourage you to apply online anytime using an Internet enabled computer or with the Smartphone app. You can complete and submit an application in minutes!

If you need assistance or have any questions please feel free to contact the front office or Nutrition services at

(907) 451-1004 x16600

School Cafe How To

Learn how to complete your free and reduced lunch application through nutrition services!

A quick word from our 7th grade teacher Ms. Wolfe

We at Arctic Light as so proud of all our students, but we are especially proud of our Honor Roll, Perfect attendance and Bringing Up Grades (BUG) Students for earning awards that demonstrate the great work our students do every day at Arctic Light.

At Arctic Light we see so many of our friends leave to go to new posts around the world and we are so lucky to welcome so many new friends to our school. If you have a friend leaving make sure to write them a friendship note to comfort them as they leave and make sure if you meet a new student at our school, you welcome them with open arms of friendship. We are a diverse school that makes new friends with all the students that walk in our doors. Be a friend is part of our school’s motto.

As we get ready for the upcoming NWEA Maps testing and the PEAK State Tests, students are reminded daily to do their best work and get to school on time. Stick to a good schedule that allows for your child to get a good night’s rest, time for homework and some time for leisure will help students work at their best self. Remember at Arctic Light Elementary

Do Good Work, Be a Friend Every day!

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