Youth Empowerment Summit Statesboro

"Breakthrough to Excellence"


To provide students with the tools to empower themselves towards success in their future endeavors.

YES to Future Success

We are pleased to present that Youth Empowerment Summit will be held on Saturday, January 11, 2020 at Langston Chapel Middle School. We are striving to engage up to 150 students ages 10 – 15 in this exciting and inspiring summit, which will consist of interactive sessions, resources and entertainment. The vision of this summit is to provide students with the tools to empower themselves towards success in their future endeavors. In addition, the theme of the summit will be “Breakthrough to Excellence.” The summit will cover various subjects needed for our youth to successfully implement in their daily lives as well as in their future endeavors.


The 2020 "Youth Empowerment Summit" will be held on Saturday, January 11, 2020 in Statesboro, Georgia, at Langston Chapel Middle School. Registration will begin at 8:30 and all events are scheduled to end at 3pm.


Please click the link below for registration:

All funds raised, including registration fees will help cover the costs for special mini-grants aimed at equipping youth to lead Be the Change Legacy projects in the community beyond the actual Summit.

Real-world solutions with real-world scenarios.

Format of Youth Summit: Participatory workshops for the summit will engage youth in small group discussions and/or activities that foster space for all youth to be actively engaged. The Youth Empowerment Summit will consist of 3-4 tracks/with tentative workshops below:

· Socio-Emotional Well-Being (how to deal with anger, grief, etc.)

o Learning to manage/process anger for positive results

o Recognizing and Processing Grief

o Honoring and Creating Your Best Self

o Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Health and Wellness

o Conflict Resolution

· Servant Leadership (develop leadership skills, public speaking)

o Developing Your Leadership Skills

o Building Community Through Service

o Service and Self Transformation

o Empowerment

· Artistic Expression (art, self-expression)

o Art and Self Expression

o Art as a Tool for Social Change

o Discovering the Artist Within

o Defining, Redefining and Reclaiming My Image

· Life Skills 101 (necessary tools for empowerment)

o Self-Identity/Self-Awareness

o Entrepreneurship/Financial Literacy

o Soft skills training

· Social Media Training (safety awareness in relation to social media)

o Safety with usage and providing an awareness of potential dangers

o The impact of bullying and unlawful usage

· Legacy of Change – The Follow Up

o Cultural and community awareness

Organizer- Dr. Kareem Epps

Dr. Kareem Epps

YES Organizer