Hunting and Trapping

"No, I'm not a good shot, but I shoot often" Teddy Roosevelt

Who I am

I am a hunter and a trapper. I am patient, good with my tools and love to be outside. I am patient and very enduring. I have a high self-esteem because you never know what will happen when you are on the trap line or are hunting your vehicle might break down you go back empty handed etc....... My learning style is very self dependent I am usually alone or are miles from your partner. You get out there not knowing what you are doing then when you leave after getting some fur under your belt and getting your fingers caught a couple times and you won't want to wait for next year. All things should be considered when picking your career because you may not know what you are getting your self into you could potentially get your self killed.
My job is extremely hard and physically challenging. I am out in the weather a lot of the time and I have to check all of my traps daily. My median pay is about $34,000. The outlook for this job is that it will decline 3% in jobs and people seek in that job. My cluster is the Agri. cluster. My work schedule depends on what time of year it is. In the summer all I do is prepare my equipment and myself. When season starts then I go from before daylight to anywhere from 3-4 hours after it gets dark. Something interesting about my career is that almost all of are founding fathers where avid hunters and trappers.

How Do I Get There

For my job you are not required to go to college. When I get out of high school I will end up going and buying all of my supplies right off the bat. I will next look for a place that has a good amount of woods and a great abundance of animals that are good to eat and that I can get fur off of then later on in life I plan to get married and have a family.