Social Science Music

Science gets more Vibrant when Accompanied with Music

According to my perception, music is totally related to the specified mode of human thought. It is a dynamic way that music some times act as the temporal art form of mind. And this is where music gets dynamic. In the vision of science of music it is that phenomena that illicit the changes of a nervous response in an organism.

Science of music can be explained on to by better way through the scientific derivations. In the language of science music can be explained as sound. Sound is the the mechanical waves that is an oscillation of pressure transmitted through some medium, this is composed of frequency which are within the range of hearing. Sound has physical science explanation too, sound is sequence of waves of pressure. Sound waves can travel through both solid and liquid. Many other several scientific explanation is also there for sound. Sound is perceptible by humans in the form of frequencies that is from 20Hz to 20000 Hz. Further more science of music explains that sound propagation or movement is affected by three main things that is-

  • A relationship between density and pressure. It is mostly seen that this relationship is affected temperature that is responsible for determining the speed of the sound waves.
  • It is also the medium on which the sound propagation is dependent on. Like sound moving through wind will have a different speed than that of moving through the solid stuffs.
  • The viscosity of the medium is also an agent that affects the velocity of sound.

These are only the beginning of the theories of the science of music. All these pure science knowledge may not be known by a lay man. And he may think that science and music two absolute opposite poles. But even in pure science we get to see the kinship network between them. If we go on to the depth of the science of the sound or rather of music we will get to see or know more things that are still unknown. So science has many connections with that of music if not directly but in the indirect way through the title of sound. Not only the direct theoretical connection. Music also is connected in the way that it serves as a counseling agent to those who are suffering from diseases like depression. This is where music stands aa a helping stand on to with science. It is always that medicine that does not come to work. Several emotional and mental support also comes down to the necessity list sometimes.