The South

Florida and Texas

The Southern States

Texas, also known as The Lone Star State, was the 28th state added to the United States. Texas' state song is "Texas, Our Texas", their state flower is the Blue Bonnet, state bird is the Mockingbird, and their state motto is simply "Friendship". Texas' state tree is the pecan tree.

Florida was added to the United States in 1845 making it the 27th state. The state flower is the Orange Blossom, and the state tree is the Cabbage Palm. Their former song was "Old Folks at Home", but was critized for racial reasons and was changed later to "Where The Saw grass Meets The Sky". Nicknamed The Sunshine State with the motto "In God We Trust".

Florida physical charcateristics

Florida is a state that sticks out basically separating the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic ocean. Its southern tip is an island chain that is called "The Keys". In Florida there are many beaches because almost the whole coast of the state is surrounded by water.

Florida State Facts

Abbreviation- Fla.

Capital- Tallahassee

Largest city- Jacksonville

Area- 65,755 square miles

Population- 19+ million

Resident name- Flordan

Famous people from florida

Ariana Grande was born in Florida (1993), along with Jason Durrulo (1989), Bella Thorne (1997), and Tim Tebow (1987).

Florida economics

Florida is home to four of the 10 largest beef cow-calf ranches in the U.S. in 2012, Florida was ranked number one for the production of oranges in America. Florida has more than 123,000 dairy cows, producing about 270 million gallons of milk a year. Florida ranks eighth in agricultural exports in America, with over 4 billion dollars worth.

Florida state history

In 1513, the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León, had came to America and made the first textual records. Florida was the first mainland realm of the United States to be settled by Europeans.

Texas physical charcetrisitcs

Texas’ has the Gulf Coastal Plains any they are apart of the western extension coastal plain that extends from the Atlantic Ocean to beyond the Rio Grande. Texas also has "The Coastal Prairies" that extends westward along the coast from the Sabine River, reaching inland about 30 to 60 miles.

Texas State Facts

Abbreviation- Tex.

Capital- Austin

Largest city- Houston

Area- 268,820 square miles

Population- 27 million

Resident name- Texan

Famous people from Texas

Beyonce was born in Texas (1981), along with Owen Wilson (1968), Matthew McConaughey (1969), and Selena Gomez (1992).

Texas economics

Texas has one of the biggest economies in America. The economic impact of the Texas food and fiber sector totals to around $100 billion. Of the total area of Texas, 77% is involved in agriculture production, and the average size of a farm is near 500 acres.

Texas State history

Spain was the first country to claim the area. France held a short-lived colony in Texas, and then Mexico controlled the territory until 1836. In 1845, Texas won its independence, becoming its own independent state.