Life of a Hispanic Teen



I believe that I am an average student, a daughter and a sister. I do not yet work though I am however now looking into maybe getting one. I believe that society looks down upon me at times for neither working nor getting straight A’s at school. I’m an average Hispanic teenager who dresses casually as most other teenagers dress, I speak English and Spanish, I utilize English to speak with my peers and Spanish with my mom at times, I like socializing but I mostly like speaking out of school rather than in school. On the other hand of feeling as if society looks down upon me at times do also feel as if society looks upon me for helping my mom take care of my brother and sister.

In the play Twelfth Night, the character Olivia is a gorgeous heiress who’s royal and lives in Illyria. Her father and brother passed away and she’s in mourning and claimed not to get married for seven years. Count Orsino in the play states he is in love with her but Lady Olivia is not all that interested in him so she continues to reject him. Olivia is however in love with Cesario, who in reality is a female. Its really hard for Olivia to accept that Cesario does not love her because she is used to having everything go her way, being a boss since she runs her whole house hold. “If you be not mad, be gone. If you have reason, be brief. 'Tis not that time of moon with me to make one in so skipping a dialogue” (I.iv.179-181). Pg. 10. That quote shows how demanding Olivia is, she tries to take advantage with it to get Cesario but it does not work that well which frustrates her.


I am a female sophomore student who attends Joliet West. I am not judged on my gender at school besides in gym when we do activities at times. It feels as if because were females they have less expectations of us. Females have to score about 12 push ups a minuet to be good while males have to score 24 in one minuet to be categorized good, that I would say is about the only positive with being judged though by my gender in gym. Out of school however with my family I do also get judged a lot by my gender, my grandparents think that because I am a female I should not be able to go out later hours of the day while the guys in my family do have more of the right to do so because they believe that they dont run into the trouble women could which I don’t think they have such valid argument.

Olivia is a female that loves to be in charge, not being told by anyone what to do. She has power and she knows how to use it. She is very independent, she does not ask or involve everyone in her business. Because both her father and brother passed away she is forced to run her house hold. It is not very common in that time to have a lady be in charge of so much. Olivia seems to be a very confident female, she has many benefits to being a rich woman, and she can get most of what she wants with a single request however Cesario is an exception to that.


I believe that people think that I’m mean or that I think too highly of myself because of the fact that I don’t like to talk as much to people during school, although that is not what I think of myself. I’m actually really easy to get along with and have a good vibe with people who also give me that good vibe as well. I believe that half of my teachers see me as hard working because of the work I turn in and seem to like me or at least be okay with me while the other half seems to not like me. I believe that half of my family sees me as uncaring, uncontrolled, yet intelligent and responsible because I make my way around doing things that I want to do but still manage to keep up with my grades which is unlike my other cousins making that one of the only reasons why they still seem to tolerate me. The other half of my family I believe see me as respectful, mature, and caring since they know I look out for my brother and sister and show them respect.

I believe that other characters in Twelfth Night see Olivia as a very noble rich lady. Malvolio, Count Orsino, and Sir Andrew all seem to claim they love her but the fact that shes a lady with so much power seems to be why they do. Viola feels bad for Orsino because she knows hes a nice man who just wants the attention of Olivia therefore she believes Olivia is careless of Orsino making her evil and mean. “I am no fee’d post, lady. Keep your purse. My master, not myself, lacks recompense. Love make his heart of flint that you shall love, And let your fervor, like my master’s, be Placed in contempt. Farewell, fair cruelty.” (I.v.258-262). Pg. 14.


Olivia and me have a couple similarities. For example, Lady Olivia goes after who she loves and does not care what it takes to get her love because she knows that will make her happy yet she doesnt let anyone take advantage of that and i also seem to do what Lady Olivia does but ina different form. I will do what it takes to have pleased the ones i love but i will not let them walk over me because of that.

On the other hand of having a similarity with Lady Olivia, we also have a difference. Lady Olivia tries forcing Cesario to love her back and be with her by buying him gifts and calling him to come to her while Cesario finds no interest in her. Thats one thing i would never do, i wouldnt try to force someone to be happy with me if they dont want to be with me to begin with. Another difference we have is that Olivia seems to use her "mourning" as a way to get attention and use it as an excuse not to be with Orsino, i would use a death for advantages like that because i find that wrong.