Andrew Jackson = ZERO

By: Ellie james

The Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson forced thousands of Native Americans off of their land even though they were an established people with their own constitution AND congress said that he was not allowed to. Ha made them walk all the way from Georgia to Oaklahoma and as a result, many, thousands even, of the Natives died.

The Tariffs

Andrew jackson passed two tariffs during his presidency. These were the tariff of 1828 and the tariff of 1832.These tariffs put a tax on imported goods from Britian and it made South Carolina angry. Angry enough that they actually threatened to suceed from the Union. Andrew Jackson then used the force bill to send in the military to make South Carolina pay the taxes. South Carolins did eventually agree to a compromise act of 1833 but ONLY after Jackson threatened to hang (kill) John C. Calhoun -- a man who strongly felt that South Carolina should leave the Union. 

The Power

Andrew Jackson tended to use power he doesnt have throughout his presidency. He ignored congress on several occasions like he was higher than them or that he didnt have to listen to them, which in fact, he does and he is no higher ranked then they are. He acted like a tyrant and didnt always use his "power" for the right reasons. All presidents have the power to veto bills and he used it more than anyone had before him. He used this power to veto as a way to destroy the National Bank.
President Andrew Jackson: A Short Biography