All-State Audition Guide 2021

New Requirements, Rubrics and Procedures

DEADLINES for All-State Auditions

Membership is required for Audition Entry

Submit recordings no later than 11:00 pm on 9/24/2021

Postmark All-State Paperwork to District Chair by end of business 9/24/2021

Tips for Auditioning Your Students

  • Print the music for Chorus and/or Orff.
  • Make sure you are using the 2021-2022 Packet
  • Practice the music with the students.
  • Plan to have the auditions recorded a few days before the deadline to give you time to upload without stress.
  • Check to be sure the recording is audible/visible.
  • Make sure we don't hear teacher voice or see any logos or other school-identifying things in the video.

Preparing your Paperwork for Mailing

  • Use this worksheet to collect information from the family. All State Worksheet
  • Print a quote for Bookkeeper. (online, available when students are entered) Email if the are problems with your Bookkeeper verifying FEMEA as a vendor.
  • Scan/email paperwork to or
  • Present invoice when required by school/district.
  • One check/money order or credit card payment is required for all auditions.
  • Check must be school check/ PTA or by credit card with this link: All-State Pay
  • No personal checks!
  • Check must be payable to FEMEA.
  • Money orders must include school name/ teacher name.
  • School Checks, please add post-it with teacher name and county.
  • Special ink color is no longer required..
  • Copies are not required, but teacher should maintain a copy for their records.
  • Include an All-State Participant Contract for each student and the Invoice for your school.
  • Mailing P.O. Box 4657, Winter Park, FL 32793 (printed on your invoice).
  • Mail the paperwork and payments (or printed credit card receipt)
  • Postmark no later than 9/24/2021
  • As an additional back-up, you can snap a photo of your postmark with your phone.

NEW this Year--

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