West Virgina

A place I would like to travel to is West Virginia. This city is located in North America.West Virginia is a city made up of thousands of very tall buildings.

I'm going to tell about West virginia's culture ,and some facts about West Virginia , and reasons why I want to go there.Read my paper to learn more about West Vergina.

why I want to viset West Vergina

These are reasons why I want to go to West Virginia. In West Virginia there's a lot of mountains so I want to visit the mountains and go hiking. There are waterfalls there, too. You can go river rafting in West Virginia. That would be fun unless you fall down a waterfall because you could get hurt. As you can see, there are many things to do in West Virginia.

These are facts about west virginia. The state nickname is the mountain state .Did you that that 75% of West Virginia is covered by forest.The state motto Is montani neery are always free.

Did you know that coal is very important to make fires and to make food on the stove. And they speak English, just like us. They have a lot of battlefields their and I want to visit them.Because I'm going to be in the army some day

West Virginia seems a really fun state Now that I have learned so much about West Virginia, I hope that one day I can get the chance to visit West Virginia, and experience the culture, and know more facts.

About West Virginia.