Animal Treatment

Alyssa Marin

I believe that animals should be treated right. And people who hurts animals should be ashamed. Animals have rights to live. I say we all stop animal abuse. If the animal was a human it would be like you the animal and the human is abusing you. So please stop the abuse case sooner or later there will be no animals left to live. And its not good at all.


According to 11 facts about circuses they do not treat there animals right. They hardley feed the animals and they hit them if they don't do something right they get hit a lot and i don't think that's right to do that kind of stuff. And sometime there scares left behide. And when they put bears in a circuses they put a thing they used for dogs so they wount bite and it hurt's them because they tie it really tight.

And i don't like it at all. And i wouden't do it if i was at a circuses or even worked there. And i would tell them to stop. And if you ever work at a circuses i hope you woud'ent do that to animals because animals have rights to live. And please please please stop animal abuse.

Facts about the wild!!

Helping animals

According to they take care of animals that don't have a family a baby or an adult animal. They are called the RCPAC team. They found a baby bird on the floor and they looked up to see if the mother was there but didn't see one so they took it with them where they take care of animals. They bathed it and they feed it worms and let it rest in a little bed so it can sleep. After a few years when the bird could fly they let it loose and they felt good about doing that.

I would want to do that someday. And i would feel good about doing to. And that would be nice to help nature. And even if you don't work at the metical were they help animals you can always help a animal at home and let it be free but if its a dog or a cat sale it to someone would really want it do something for a change.

Helping a animals life

According to they help animals. They found a gray fox with it relitives at a parsons place being abused. They were kept out side on a snowy day chained to the ground and the people who take care of animals that are being abused they cut the chain and and took all of them and brought them back and the gray foxes where kinda frozen. They but the gray foxes in a nice warm bath, they feed them and gave them water and they stayed the night with one of the employes and brought them back to the company and went to the wild... And set them free to live there life in the nature.

That was one the most nice's things to do to the animals. I would want to work at the kinda comany and help baby animals and there relitives to. And i would volenter to let them stay at my house when i grow up. Hope you would all do that to someday.