Pop Art Expedition

exeter phoenix center saturday 16th feb

Why should you go to the center ?

You should go to the center as it is a fun day out for your family and friends ! This is a one off chance to be able to see the pop art and the designers ! This is an offer you do not want to miss and offer of a life time !.

This event is the biggest and the best in devon ! An experience of a lifetime one you will never forget!

This event will blow you away because you will be able to see the makers of the the pop art and they might give you a autograph

Exeter Phoenix Center

Saturday, Feb. 16th, 7am-11pm

Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom

Exeter, England

here are some examples

pop art started in 1950's in England and then went to NewYork and that is when comic books was made and now pop art is still going on today