Summer at Sprout!

We're going upside down!!

June Schedule

Mondays in June, 5:30pm Mind|Body Bootcamp with MJ [Register]

  • Mind - Small shift, BIG Change! Explore ways you can take the methods used to move through difficult poses & challenging excercises in class "off your mat" & into the world.
  • Body - Build cardiovascular strength with a focus on a major muscle group each week
  • Challenge Pose - Dolphin Pose

Wednesdays in June, 5:30pm Functional Strength + Core Yoga with Liz


  • Muscle Group - Arms and shoulders
  • Focus - shifting perspective - small shifts lead to big change.
  • Challenge Pose - Handstand


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Meet Your Sprout Instructors:

MJ (Meghan Jane) Stegemann

My teaching style is based on creating a strong, stable core to support students’ movements on and off the mat. I teach a flow-based class where students use their breath to guide their movement to create a true mind-body connection. I bring a very lighthearted approach to my classes and find an immense joy in sharing my love for yoga and fitness!

Mind|Body Bootcamp class starts with yoga to warm up the body and loosen muscles, and then the work begins, integrating timed intervals, long holds, and rest to increase heart rate and endurance. Great for people that love to sweat, and want to challenge their strength and mental stamina, this is a class you will feel the next day. Similar in style to a familiar bootcamp, but offers the mindfulness aspects of yoga, including centering to start class and a relaxation to end class.

Liz Bedi

My challenging flow-based sequences incorporate physical postures and breathing to build heat, increase stamina and endurance, and tone and strengthen the body. You’ll walk away from your mat feeling invigorated, challenged, and strong — but even more, you’ll do so with a clear mind, a calm state of being, and a refreshed connection to yourself and your personal priorities, whatever they may be. All levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to participate — props and modifications are always offered!I would be thrilled to share my passion with you and to be a part of your journey, come join us!

Functional Strength + Core Yoga

Every Wednesday evening class will incorporate a focus on core engagement into the sequence in order to sculpt the body and properly support a healthy spine. Building a strong core can help decrease back issues you may be experiencing, come join us in building strength and stability.

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