The American Dream

By: Riley Brickner


The three pictures i chose were a propaganda ad, a wall street photo and a picture of what i believe to be a group of Italian immigrants trying to come into America. These pictures perfectly describe and represent the american dream because they represent everything the American Dream is about. These Pictures represent depression, passion, strength and the will to move forward.

Artical - The American Dream Is Alive by Daniel J. Mitchell

The united states is not a perfect country, but the american dream is still a reality.Even with relatively sub-par economic performance in recent years, our economy's overall level of output, as well as the annual growth rate, is still the envy of the developed world. and regardless of how people view President Obama's unilateral amnesty, it says something good about the United States that millions of people from the developing world still want to come to America.


My opinion of the American dream is that it is just that, a dream. it is far fetched in today's society to accomplish this dream because it isn't designed for you to. And although i think its hard to reach this famous goal, i believe its possible. This dream has some pretty hard to reach ideas like becoming rich and famous. but it can be simplified into what i like to call my own personal american dream which is to simply be happy.



Daisy's ideal american dream would be to be taken care of by a wealthy man who is independent and could fill her needs. Because Gatsby did meet every standard she had set up, she met tom and settled down with him. "Daisy began to move again with the season... she wanted her life shaped now, immediately - and the decision must be made by some force - of love, of money, of unquestionable practicality - that was close at hand." (Fitzgerald, 151) Nick had bragged about daisy being popular back when she was eighteen "... all day long the telephone rang indemand the privilege of monopolizing her that night." (fitzgerald, 74)

how has the American Dream changed since Gatsby's day in the 1920's. has it declined or improved?

The Basics of the American dream has stayed the same from the time period in The Great Gatsby to now. The fundamentals will never change because our passion to be greater than what we are now wont either. Our goals in life will always be the same, that's what the American Dream stands for. "The united states is not a perfect country, but the american dream is still a reality."


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