Road Safety

keep DEATH off the road!

drinking while driving

Drinking while driving is very bad and we all know that. Lets say you just had a couple drinks, would you know its okay to drive or not, you are drunk so I am pretty sure you would think its fine but the truth is its not, lots of people die because of drunk drivers, 6 out of 10 people died in the world because of drunk drivers that's almost more then half of the world. So if you see someone drunk and they want to go drive home or take a little ride would you stop them and prevent them for maybe killing someone or would you just sit their thinking what to do or maybe even look and ignore them and most likely let them kill themselves or someone else? So help out and not let people drink while driving or even better DONT drink before you know you have to go somewhere, it would really help the world out.


texting while driving

Texting or being on your phone while driving is very bad because while your on your phone and being distracted you could get in a crash, even if its only for a couple of seconds you never know what could happen. So stay off your phone or cause somebody and maybe even you to loose your live and their lives.

Some good websites to find out more about road safety!