Scaffolding Learning

Forum Summary

L1 Use in CLIL classrooms

Using L1 judiciously to help comprehend concepts is useful but should be limited - Luisa

Key words can be defined in L1 to ensure learners understand them- Maria Pia

Motivating learners is essential but it's important that students learn at their own pace- Maria Pia

Students use L1 to clarify key concepts and for working on other topics- Silvana

The use of flashcards creates interest and highlighting words which will be useful later in the lesson is useful- Giulia

L1 can be used in spontaneous interactions and good understanding of concepts helps to scaffold production in the target language - Gabriella.

Having learners discuss concepts in L1 is conducive to good group dynamics, for some tips on this read her article. - Patrizia

Useful techniques we'd like to try

Setting percentage objectives in L1 use

Use of L1 tickets to promote production

L1 corner for 'timeout' in CLIL clases


Use of drama and songs- Gabriella

Demonstration by the learners e.g. 'show and tell', Students becoming 'agents' of own learning- Giulia

Use more recasting techniques and provide prompts for weaker learners- Silvana

Provide frames to support learners and give examples- Maria Pia

Incllude more 'hands-on' learning and have Word walls- Luisa

Some visuals of our ideas