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Standard 2 Indicator 2.6

Evaluation Information

Atchison Public Schools Website

If you visit you can go to the Staff tab and find the Certified Handbook and the Negotiated Agreement to find evaluation guidelines and information.

KEEP Bingo


You will have to follow along very carefully. When you hear a phrase, an acronym or a definition – check your BINGO CARD. Put your marker on your square. The first person with bingo wins a prize. Now remember you must stand up and yell KEEP really loud.

Kansas Educator Evaluation Protocol KEEP

InTASC Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support


ISSLLC Interstate School Leadership Licensure


Construct Big ideas to be considered for evaluation

Highly Effective Consistently exhibits a high level

Effective Usually exhibits a more than adequate level

Developing Sometimes exhibits an adequate level

Ineffective Rarely exhibits an adequate level

Step 1 Orientation to evaluation

Step 2 Teacher Self Assessment and goal setting

Step 3 Formal Observation

Step 4 Mid Cycle Conference

Step 5 Final Conference

Construct 1 Learner and learning

Construct 2 Content Knowledge

Construct 3 Instructional Practice

Construct 4 Professional Responsibility

Artifacts Examples of educator/or student work

Assessment Formative/Summative

SIT Documentation Suggested Sources of Evidence

Lesson Plans Suggested Sources of Evidence

Notes to parent/students Suggested Sources of Evidence

Emails Suggested Sources of Evidence

Newsletters Suggested Sources of Evidence

PLC Note