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March 27, 2022

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Upcoming Events

  • Quarter 4 Begins: 3/21

    TCS Spring Soccer Starts: 3/22, 2:50-4:30PM

    Panther Power Hour: Poetry Month - 4/1, 1:30-2:30PM

    English Language Art Ohio State Tests - Week of 4/4-4/8

    Career Tech Education Certification Webex Exams - 4/11 - 4/14

    Interim Grades Mailed: 4/14

    Spring Break: 4/15 - 4/22

    PD Day: 4/25

    Math, Science, Social Studies Ohio State Tests - 4/25 - 5/6

    Junior/Senior Prom at Jeffrey Mansion: 4/30

    Career Tech Education Webex Exams for Graduating Seniors: 5/2 - 5/6

    STAR Testing for Special Education: 5/2 - 5/6

    MAP Spring Assessments for Reading & Math: 5/2 - 5/13

    ODU Graduation: 5/7

    TCS Graduation: 5/14

    Final Exams (½ days - early release @12:30PM): 5/17 & 5/18

    Awards/Picnic - Last day, early release @12:30PM: 5/19

    Q4/S2/Y1 ends: 5/19

    Cedar Point Trip: 5/20

COVID-19 Updates

Masking Update

After reviewing the submissions of the staff, students, and families, as well as monitoring the state-wide data, we’ve determined that it’s okay to go to “masks highly encouraged” for everyone. A few notes…

  • This applies to all community members and visitors.

  • This policy may be reversed should there be the following conditions:

    • A community member is displaying symptoms. They will also be tested. They will be asked to mask as long as the symptoms persist or they test negative.

    • There is a positive case in a classroom. All exposed community members will go back to masking until a negative test 3-5 days after exposure, or 10-days.

    • The state-wide rates increase, new variants appear, or another local condition arises and leadership deems it prudent.

    • There is a situation where community members cannot be physically distant and fresh air cannot be accessed, masks will be expected.

This policy change will be communicated to students and parents later today. This is a change and we’ll work hard to address issues that may arise as we initiate yet another pivot. Please, as always, ask questions, raise concerns, etc. with the Deans should you have them. This is a community effort to make sure we are making wise, safe choices.

Letter from The Graham Family of Schools Administrators

The Graham Family of Schools

The Graham School

The Charles School at Ohio Dominican University

Graham Elementary and Middle School

Dear Families and Friends,

This has been a challenging year for everyone in schools across our country as we have emerged from Covid isolation into in-person school. This transition has brought with it all the joys and obstacles of getting used to being together following a year of somewhat limited social interaction. We appreciate the challenge this year has been for all, and how supportive and understanding so many people have been in this major year of adjustment.

And so, as we get ready for Spring at each of our schools and increased access to the out of doors, we want to review a few procedures and processes of ours that will help students and staff best be able to focus on the work to move children ahead academically and socially.

It continues to be important, as much now as ever, that all of us follow guidelines that create maximum safety in our schools. It is regarding the safe operation of our schools that the following reminders of rules and procedures are being shared at this time of increasing mobility.

· Everyone needs to respect the right of each individual to his or her own physical space and to not give any unwanted touch to another. This cannot be stressed enough that everyone needs to keep their hands to themselves while at school.

· All of us need to speak and act with respect and kindness toward one another. This is how we offer dignity to everyone who attends or works at our schools.

· Students are to be in their assigned classroom unless given expressed permission to leave and then for a short-period of time only to attend to the needed reason for being out of class.

· Regarding in-person visits by family or friends to our schools, everyone must register at our front offices and no one is allowed to roam our buildings unattended. Guidelines are explained in each of our student/parent handbooks for visiting our buildings, and these rules must be adhered to.

· If a parent wants to meet with a teacher or school administrator, he or she must make an appointment in advance to do so.

As everyone can and must appreciate, safety in our schools is paramount to our work. We expect everyone to abide by these guidelines, in place at all our schools. Following these and other procedures outlined in our handbooks creates the most productive and safe environments to live, work and learn.

For people who do not follow these rules and guidelines, including students, parents, and other visitors, consequences can include up to suspension, expulsion and contacting the police, which we will do if safety is deemed compromised.

We look forward to the warmer weather and school experiences outside. But we must all be aware of the need to follow closely our rules for safe conduct in our schools. As Covid hopefully retreats and the outdoors beckons we must be ever vigilant about our behavior and interactions.


The Graham Family of Schools

Race to the Top! School-wide Community Service Competition

Race to the Top! is a School-wide Community Service Competition between the underclassmen (9th + 10th graders) and the upperclassmen (11th + 12th graders). From February 28th- March 31st we will collectively collect hygiene products and hair products that will be donated to a youth-serving organization in the state of Ohio. Each team is encouraged to bring 307 items within their assigned category. The winner of the competition will receive a one-of-a-kind CarolineINSPIRES Edition Food Party! Your items can be dropped off in boxes in the counselor's office. For more information please contact CarolineINSPIRES Bennett at Let the race begin!

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Updated Academic Calendar

Bus Contact Info

We expect that Columbus City Schools will update the routes during the first two weeks of school. We will do our best to help students and families navigate any routing changes.

If your student is waiting to be picked up in the morning, and their bus does not come, call


If the route is not covered, CCS will attempt to get your student to school still.

TCS@ODU Front Office Hours - 6:45am-3:30pm

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.