Christmas in France


The History of Christmas in France

In France, they celebrate Christmas with a town fair that is filled with Christmas lights and a big Ferris wheel that is covered with lights. In France, they call Christmas Noel. France is big so they have big things like a big ornament that is covered with lights and you can get inside of it. I think Christmas in France sounds AWESOME!

How long is Christmas in France?

Christmas in France starts on December 25. It ends on February 2.

Christmas in France symbols and decarations

In France on Christmas there are a lot of symbols. Here are some of the symbols. One symbol is singing Christmas carols. Another one is lighting 1 candle a day until February 2. One more is praying with there family for a nice safe Christmas, Its also a tradition.


In France the Santa's name is Noel just like What the Holiday is called. Noel gives presents just like he does in America.

Richie Gabriel