Darwin's 4 Postulates

Emily Fernandez

The Four Attributes of Nature

  • Variation among individuals
  • Variation is heritable
  • Overprodution of young is the rule
  • Non-random survival and reproduction: those with the most favorable traits will survive, passing on these traits to the next generation.

Things to Remember

  • Natural selection will inevitably occur if the four postulates are true and species will change.
  • Natural selection affects individuals overtime
  • Natural selection creates new things: range of variation can transcend and new things can be created modifying the old
  • Cannot produce perfect organisms

Evolution by natural selection may result in increased complexity


Problems with the Theory

  • What is the variation of source?
  • Why wouldn't natural selection stop when variation is exhausted?
  • How is variation passed on from generation to generation?

Explaining Variation

  • Controversial because variation and its inheritance can not be adequately explained in terms of existing knowledge
  • blending ineritance: deplete population of organisms of all variation
  • phenotypic variation may indicate blending of sorts, the inherited material-namely the genes-remains discrete


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