Lending Library

3610 E. Ashlan Ave. Fresno, CA 93726

Lending Library Hours

The Lending Library visiting hours are as follows:

Monday: Closed for Park Days

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:

  • Shop & Browse: 9-11am and 1-3:30pm
  • Drop off & Pick up: 9am-4pm

Friday: Closed for Park Days and appointments

What is the Lending Library?

The Lending Library is a place to find wonderful resources for free! It is available to all Yosemite Valley and Monarch River families!

You have access to many non-consumable items such as: children’s picture books, novels, games, puzzles, and Science, Language Arts, History, and Math curriculum. There are many consumable items that have been returned and are available to you for free! All you have to do is stop by the library to check them out or place an order online.

Check Out this Video of the Lending LIbrary

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What Does the Lending Library Have?

Before ordering enrichment items please explore the Lending Library! The lending library is FULL of so many wonderful resources!

  1. TONS of K-8 curriculum resources. The lending library contains nearly all major curricula options. So before ordering head over to the lending library to see if there is a copy you can check out for the year or view before ordering.
  2. Books galore for kindergarten to 12th grade students. The lending library contains nearly as many novels and resource books as your local public library! You don't want to miss browsing these books that your student can check out to read throughout the year.
  3. Games and activities that you can check out for free! Card games, board games, puzzles, you name it, the lending library has it!

Many of these items are brand new and have never been used. So don't delay...come in and check it out!

Navigating the Lending LIbrary System

  • Your login information is the same as your login for the Enrichment Ordering System (EOS). You can log into the Lending Library Site HERE
  • If you forgot your password, go to the EOS and click on “Forgot Password” to reset it.
  • Once you are logged in, you can search for items by using the Search button at the upper right-hand corner of the page or by clicking on the categories on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Once you find the item you are looking for, add it to your cart and select your desired pickup location.
  • When you are finished adding to your cart, press the submit button.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been placed.
  • You will receive an email notification when your order is ready to be picked up from your selected location.


When searching for a specific item, less is more! Use keywords and not whole titles. For Example, if you would like to search for "All About Reading Teacher's Manual Level 4," instead of search for "All About Reading." You will then see our selection to choose from.

To visit the Lending Library System

click on the link below

Check out the video tutorial below on how to navigate the Lending Library

Appointments are NOT required to walk through the Lending Library Tuesday-Thursday so please come in and check it out!

Lending Library Appointments

Appointments are NO longer needed for the Lending Library Tuesday-Thursday! YAY!

Walk-ins are welcome for browsing our lending library. We are open Tues, Wed, Thurs 9am-11am & 1pm-3:30pm.

Typically, we are closed Mon & Fri. We will have appointments available starting in March 2023.

Appointments are first come first serve basis. You may Use this link to schedule your appointment.

Parental supervision is required at all times however, there is a designated play area for your children to enjoy as you browse the library. Please note that materials such as games and other resources you will be checking out may not be opened or played with in the library. They will need to wait to be enjoyed until you are at home. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Please be sure to bring a bag to carry all your library items after checking out!

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Check Out Time Frames & Policies

  • Each student is able to check out a maximum of 15 non-curriculum items and 20 curriculum items
  • Curriculum items can be kept until the end of the school year and need to be returned to the Lending Library at the end of the school year (end of June)
  • Other items have a three month check out window with the option to renew for an additional three months if desired. Please return your items when they are due so other families can enjoy them as well.

To return items, please bring them inside the library. Do not leave any items outside the door or in the hallway.

You do not need to fill out any forms to return Lending Library items.

Lending Library Park Day Schedule

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To Return or Not to Return?

All Enrichment material items purchased through the school with state education funds are considered the property of the school. Non-consumables need to be returned to the school library when the student withdraws from the school. They may be returned earlier if the items are no longer needed for student learning.

When returning Enrichment items, you will first want to know what needs to be returned. You can access your child's "inventory" (all of the Enrichment items you have purchased for them) in the EOS or your HST may send this list to you. The last column of this inventory says "Consumable" at the top. If there is a "yes" in that column, the item does NOT have to be returned to Yosemite Valley and if there is a "no" in that column then that item will need to be returned to the Lending Library.

If you think that an item is categorized incorrectly, please contact your HST.

How to Return Items

Lending Library and Enrichment items must be returned directly to Lending Library Staff. Please do not leave anything outside the library doors or in the hallway.

When returning Enrichment items please be sure to fill out the Enrichment Return Form to return with your items. Be sure to take a picture of the Enrichment Return Form for your records.

Once you have gathered the items you want to return, you will return them to, The Lending Library located at:

3610 E. Ashlan Ave. Fresno, Ca.,93726

(it is the red brick building located on the SW corner of Ashlan & Millbrook)

Days and hours for enrichment drop-offs, library returns, and pick up:

Hours: Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday 9:00am-11:00am and 1:00pm-3:00pm. Please note the lending library is closed from 11am-1pm.

Call for availability on Monday & Friday

Fill out the YV or MR form and return it with your items (see attachments at the bottom of the newsletter). Please fill out one sheet per student. Do NOT put all students on a single sheet.

*Library items do not need any paperwork to be returned*

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Lending LIbrary Contacts

You may also contact your local Lending Library Specialists:

Karin Livingstone via email at karin.livingstone@theaxiagroup.com or phone (559) 370-0800.

Alyssa Medlock via email at alyssa.medlock@theaxiagroup.com or phone at (559) 370-0890