The FRIDAY Review

September 13, 2019


I had two parent encounters this week...they were great! Both parents went on to tell me how much different our school is than others in the county. He said, "you can tell teachers care more here." The other parent explained that her child had never experienced so much success in the first few weeks of school and she believed it had to do with the staff. "Everyone is so friendly here."

Believe me, you make a difference. Students and parents, alike, hang onto the words we say and write. It is imperative that our communication is POSITIVE. What tone do our phone calls and letters home have? Even required and pertinent information can be relayed in such a way to show we still care. How do we interact with students in our hallways? What would parents think if they saw/heard your interaction as you speak with students lined up for the restrooms?

We can accomplish so much more once we have established a positive relationship with our students, our parents, community members AND with each other! Please read the article below about positive is an expectation. : )


From Mrs. Lewis...

    • WE ARE PLAYING CARVER TOMORROW - MONDAY, SEPT 16 at SHS, 5:15. If you are attending, you can wear your jeans and a Spartan Spirit Shirt OR Black/Red shirt to school tomorrow.
    • DUE by Wed. - Click on the link to sign up for 70s Parent Night. Feel free to have fun

    and dress up to compete in a costume contest.

    • TEAM LEADERS: Chevalier, J. Quick, Francis, Best, T. Johnson, M. Williams, Houston, Eley, Salzlein
    • LESSON PLAN FEEDBACK: Take time to look at feedback and make adjustments in your plans.
    • PDPs and Self Assessments DUE - September 25 (See Attached Email Directions)
    • PLEASE BE REMINDED THAT NOTES HOME MUST BE APPROVED BY ADMINISTRATION BEFORE SENDING HOME: This applies to team newsletters, sports reminders, Elective notices, library notices, parent meetings, community letters from outside the school, etc
    • EXPECTATION for EC, Elective, Science, SS and ELA Teachers - At least 1 reading selection must be included in each Learning Focused Lesson Plan that teaches Text Structure with a graphic organizer.
    • EXPECTATION FOR MATH TEACHERS - Writing Standard listed in plan, but not explicity taught. A writing activity should be included in learning activities/assessments. EVERY assignment should have a writing component.
      • ASST Track Coach - We NEED you!
      • SHS HOMECOMING PARADE - Calling our SHMS Band and clubs. Let's show off our Spartan Pride. Who is interested in participating in the SHS Homecoming Parade. Please let Mrs. Lewis know ASAP.
      • CLASSROOM TELEPHONES - The front office staff is going to try to use the overhead intercom in communication that needs to be made that is not confidential. Please refrain from allowing students to answer classroom phones.
      • PARENT CALLS - If you make a parent call during school hours, please notify the front office so they can direct the return call to the right staff member.
      • STAFF VACCINES - Walmart pharmacy just delivered the information and forms for the staff vaccines. They are scheduled to be here on Friday, September 20 at 3:00. The flu vaccine and others will be offered. See Mrs. Mears.
      • EMERGENCY LESSON PLANS DUE - Sept 27th Please include a copy of your schedule, basic instructions, and information pertaining to students. Basic BIP or accommodation can be shared, but ensure that you write confidential. Even when there is a substitute, students should receive accommodations and BIPs followed.
      • MORNING ARRIVAL PROCEDURES: Teachers should not send students to restroom without a hall pass. Students should go to locker only, no restroom.
      • QUEEN STEPPER TRYOUTS: Sept 17, 18, 19 3:30 - 5pm
      • SAFETY REVIEW: Please make sure there is no paper on your classroom door and that you do not have an air freshener/oil diffuser plugged in.
      • OFFICE BOUNCES: Students should not be sent to the office for a bounce without first calling the office. Bounce buddy teachers should be used first. Please call the bounce teacher before sending a student.
      • COMP TIME: The number of games scheduled each season is more than the number of teachers we have on campus. If you are willing to work another sports duty within a season, you will 2 hours of comp to use on opt. workdays. See Mrs. Tippett.
      • EDUCATOR'S HANDBOOK: Please go to Educator's Handbook to make sure you can log in. When you put in your email address you should be able to create a new password. Please let Mrs. Tippett know ASAP if you can not login. Educator's Handbook should be used to log minor and major behavior issues.
      • BUS DISMISSAL: We need your help! When teachers bring their students to the cafeteria for Load 2 dismissal they should stand by a table and help monitor students until the bus is called. Also, please ensure your students are ready to leave your classroom at the time of dismissal. We have had quite a few students who have missed their buses.

      • SYSTEMS after school Tutoring: Mrs. Lynette is the contact person for this. Please distribute applications when they arrive and return to Mrs. Lynette.

      • BUS DISMISSAL: Have you considered having students read at dismissal? We have had several students missing their bus because they were not able to hear their bus number called.

      • Updating Powerschool in a timely manner - Don't forget grades should be updated frequently to ensure parents have current info
      • PASSPORTS - Please know this is a requirement along with tabulating the number of stamps each week.
      • BIPs - Please know Mrs. Laws is the point of contact for any BIP student that is causing a classroom disruption that you have not had success in curbing. If the student needs redirection or a cool down, contact the front office. They will dispatch Mrs. Laws to your classroom.
      • FORMS - ALL student forms should have been submitted to the front office / media center by Wednesday. Any straggler forms should be turned in ASAP.
      • ELA TEACHERS - Are you grading/checking Power Time responses? How are you tabulating books read?


    • STUDENT CELL PHONES -When a phone is confiscated and submitted to the front office, be sure to make contact with the parent. CAUTION - When confiscated, please ensure that you secure the phone in a locked drawer/cabinet so that it is not damaged/stolen.

    • PURCHASES- In the event you need to purchase school related items, you must first see Ms. Audrey for a Purchase Approval form. Mrs. Lewis will then need to sign for approval. Submit the form to Ms. Audrey and then purchase your items. Once the purchases have been made, submit the receipt to Ms. Audrey.
    • EXTRA PAPER - We have odd-sized computer paper if you need some for class projects, foldables, etc. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PAPER IN THE COPIER. Let the front office know if you need paper.
    • ARE PARENTS IN THE KNOW? Are you communicating with your parents, weekly? Each team must have a method of communication established and routinely used to keep students in the know. Picture, quotes, upcoming dates are so helpful to our parents!
    • STEM (6th & 7th Grade) - At this point, ALL teachers/teams should have completed a STEM activity to explain the problem solving process. WHEN is your NEXT required STEM content specific activity?
    • NON-NEGOTIABLES - (teach on your feet unless you are conducting small group instruction, cell phones away while students are in your care, while on duty and/or during professional meetings, Praise in public - reprimand in private, SHMS is a no yell zone, students should be supervised at ALL times, the Friday Review and all emails will be read in a timely manner)

    Upcoming Dates

    September 2018

    • September 16 - SIT Meeting

    • September 16 - Volleyball vs. Carver @ SHS (Staff attending can wear jeans to school)

    • September 17 - Golf @ Anson

    • September 17 - Girl's Track @ Reid Ross

    • September 17 - Let Mrs. Lewis know if your club/band is interested in the SHS Parade

    • September 18 - Football Jamboree @ home

    • September 19 - Volleyball @ West Hoke

    • September 19 - Common Assessments due to E. Johnson / P. Lewis

    • Spetember 19 - Beta Meeting 4:15pm

    • September 20 - Staff Flue Shots

    • September 23 - Volleyball @ Home

    • September 24 - Sunshine Members wear Jeans

    • September 24 - 6th Grade Huddle Time (Duty Free Lunch)

    • September 24 - Golf @ New Century

    • September 25 - Football vs. Blenheim @ SHS

    • September 25 - Volleyball @ Home

    • September 25 - 7th Grade Huddle Time (Duty Free Lunch)

    • September 27 - 8th Grade Huddle Time (Duty Free Lunch)

    • September 27 - Emergency Lesson Plans Due to E. Johnson

    • September 30 - Volleyball @ Sandy Grove

    • September 30 - Golf @ Bayonet

    Friday Review information is due to Pam Lewis by Thursdays at 4:00pm at