cost of war

human rights

by deziree h

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cost of war for people in war

In war the wars with afganistan,iraq,and pakisaten 330,000 people have died not count indirect deaths. in the war 201885 civillians ,84400 oppositition forces,319 journalists ,375 humanitarian worker,6656 us militarty,6307 us contrcators ,26405 allies and cops,and 1398 other ailles

cost of war for people that lived

6616 in the killed in war zone before disability ,106000 have be wounded in action or injuryed in war ,745000 disability claims falied
lots of people have died and or be injuryed in the war. the cost of it all has been alot of money and lives to fight this non ending war,cost the billions if not trillions of dollars

how the war effected people not even fighting

protesters chant slogans against iraq's shiite-led goverment as they wave theri national flags during a demonstration in fallujah,iraq. protesters called for the release of female prisonersand an end to what they say are ramdom arrests of sunnis.

a elderly iraqi women carries dishes past old house in a formerly jewish area of central baghdad ,iraq.

many people who did noting not even hurt a kid has been killed .
not only are they killing adults they are killing men and women and kids that have noting wrong .


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