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Library Events and Activities from the 1st 6 weeks

Halloween Decor Do you read dead people? Stop by the library to check out the Halloween decor and to see what books will scare your pants off.

Book Tasting Activity Students from various grades had the unique opportunity to participate in a Book Tasting Activity in the library. Students were given books from 4 to 6 different genres to "taste" while Italian music played in the background. The goal of the activity was to expose students to various genres so that students can determine which genres that they prefer so that they can find the right book(s) for their taste.

Author Visit Pearson MS students had the pleasure of meeting author, Lindsay Cummings. Lindsay is the author of 2 popular series, The Balance Keepers and The Murder Complex. Lindsay discussed with students that being an author was not her life goal but when she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Disease,she missed her opportunity to go to college and at times, didn't have enough strength to wash her own hair. She stumbled upon her father's journal of stories and got the inspiration she needed to turn her talent for telling stories into writing books. Lindsay discussed her books, gave away autographed bookmarks to students who asked her questions, and was so gracious to autograph books and take pictures.

Banned Books Week Some of the most significant and loved books of all time have been the target of book banning, To Kill a Mockingbird, A Wrinkle in Time, Harry Potter, and even The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Book banning was an attempt by an individual or group to remove a book from the library or school curriculum that they felt was inappropriate for everyone.

Banned Books Week is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read by highlighting the value of free and open access to information. Banned Books Week brings together the entire book community –- librarians, booksellers, publishers, journalists, teachers, and readers of all types –- in shared support of our First Amendment right of freedom to seek and to express ideas.

In celebration of Banned Books Week the Pearson Library will had activities for the students to participate and learn more about books that were banned and challenged. Students and staff too "Caught Reading Banned Books" mugshots, entered a contest to guess the banned book that has been shredded in a jar, and of course, checked out banned books!

Myth-Buster/Science Fair Research The 7th grade Science classes spent two days in the library learning about online resources and how to cite sources. Students were told about the information overload that occurs when they use Google as the only research tool and how online resources are more time effective because they filter out all unreliable websites. Attached are the notes from the 2 days. Research Cheat Sheet

Library Orientation Thanks to all ILA teachers for bringing their classes to library orientation at the beginning of September. It was great meeting the students and being able to introduce myself and the library to them.

What the Tech?

Library Spaces

There are three areas in the library that can be checked out for use in Eduphoria, B101 Flex Space, B101 Library Stacks, and B103 Computer Integration Lab.

B101 Flex Space and B103 Computer Integration Lab come with 30 Chromebooks. There are so many ways that you can use these spaces to maximize your lessons and not only do you get the space and the computers, you get ME! I can be an extra set of eyes and back up for you, I can help students while you are teaching, I can co-teach or provide resources for you. If you have any questions, come see me.

The B101 Library Stacks is for classes outside of ILA to come and check out books from the library for research.

The areas require approval through Eduphoria, once you submit the request you'll receive an email confirming that the space is booked for you.

Ebooks (3 ways to get books DIGITALLY)

Pearson MS offers a variety of ebooks, fiction and nonfiction, that can be read on different devices. Students will have access to elementary and middle school eBooks and may check out 3 items for up to 2 weeks.

Follett Shelf- staff hasn't been added yet but student accounts are loaded. Students log in using their id number and birthday. There's an app for devices, search app store for Brytewave K-12.

MackinVia- not just for online resources. MackinVia has a selection of ebooks, especially nonfiction. Student log in: School- Pearson MS, Frisco User Id- pearsonms Password- pearsonms

Overdrive- District's preferred platform for fiction ebooks. Can link accounts from other public libraries for access to even more books. Download the Overdrive app! To Sign In: Students- id number Faculty- district username (email without the @friscoisd.org)

There's now an OverDrive button on the Portal for both students and staff, the URL ishttp://friscoisd.lib.overdrive.com.

New to FISD?

Before signing in, go to https://www.overdrive.com/account/sign-in to create an account. Use your school email address and to add a library choose Pearson Middle School Frisco, Texas.

I'd be more than happy to help you set up your devices or to help students. My goal is to show all students these 3 platforms and have them sign in to their accounts by December.


  • Lamination is done on Mon, Wed, Fri by library assistant, Cathy Hill. She asks that rather leaving items to be laminated on the brown shelf, put items on the left side of the counter in the office library. There will be a sign, along with post-it notes to write your name and room number. If the office is locked, bring items to the office the next day. If there are any special requests outside of the set days and time, please contact me.
  • Please return all books that are left behind in your classroom or if you see them anywhere around the school.
  • When the "Closed" signs are up in the library, staff is welcome to come in, the signs are for students.
  • The B103 Color printer is on the circulation desk, there's a sign on it. If you don't see the item(s) that you printed, look behind the printer on the black tray.
  • If you need library passes or extras fill out form. Please write your name and room number on the front of each pass; each staff member should have 3.
  • Fill out form for suggestions of books that the library should have. A huge order will be placed on 10/9 and there will be more placed throughout the year.

Upcoming Events

  • P.O.T.L (Pats of the Library) Meeting, Thursday Oct. 15 before and after school. They will be nominating 2 staff members to serve on the library advisory board (only 3 meetings and very short)
  • Bookmark Creation Contest, entries due Thursday, Oct. 15th. Staff and student vote, Oct. 19-23
  • Teen Read Week and Digital Citizenship Week Oct. 19-23- Staff and students can take Bookface pictures (see picture on right) and PSAs addressing various aspects of Digital Citizenship will be on announcements.
  • Maker Gonna Make Student-Led Workshop Oct. 22 before school. Featured Craft- Duct tape lanyard, bookmark, and flower pen. Staff are invited to participate.
  • Author Visit- Ron Bates, How to Make Friends and Monsters, Nov. 19th. 2 morning sessions (9:15 & 10:05)

My Favorite topic, BOOKS!

Books your students are talking about

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: Sword of Summer brand new series by Rick Riordan (Norse mythology) next book in the series, Oct. 2016 Hammer of Thor

Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes the history of Greek Gods told from Percy Jackson's POV, great resource for teaching mythology.

Demigods and Magicians crossover short stories featuring characters from Lightning Thief series April 5, 2016

Hidden Oracle: Trials of Apollo 5 book series that will have Percy Jackson and the crew and the god Apollo, going back to Greek mythology. May 3, 2016

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Illustrated Edition all books in the series will be released in illustrated, full- color editions.

Staff are more than welcome to check out books and you don't have due dates!

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