Ned's Kelly first law came in 1869 when he was 14 years old

Australia still divided over Ned Kelly

About Ned Kelly the famouse Australian

Ned Kelly was born on June 1855 and death 11 November 1880

Need Kelly is known as a bushranger.

Ned Kelly was a very naughty boy. He ruled the class and planed to spray the police with bullets he was so handsome and mean the same time.

Ned Kelly is a very strong brave man. Just beacause his brave people made films songs and many more things about him.

A team of archaeologists in Victoria has been searching for clues about his last battle with the police. He have been caught and brang to jail. And in 1870 Ned Kelly got jailed for 3 years because of possession of a stolen horse.

The age of 12 Ned Kelly father died Ned Kelly's has lots of members in his family.

There is 13 members in his family plus him is 14.

Sometimes Ned's Kelly father friends call him Red Kelly but his real name is John Kelly.

Ned's Kelly's hobbies

In Ned's Kelly time, there were was no time for hobbies.

it was time to get maried and work.

But then Ned Kelly had a hobby, is to be a bush ranger.


My opinion is that he got achieved, because he saved some peoples lives. but the real one is he got achieved because he was a pig farmer.

Ned Kelly movie is a very interesting movie

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Australian famous bushranger

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