kangaroo rat

let`s protect this little creature.


  1. hite/wate 1.in 30.grams lives under grawnd is a omneyor

Ten facts

1.can srvive 3 years with no water 2.live in holls 3.play ded 4.jump hiy 5.stors food in it`s moath 6.long legs and tail 7.smal and fat 8.eat seeds for food 9.livse near kaktiy 10.eats bugs for food.


I am a kangrou rat

yellow as an sun

I jump like a kangrou

I brow like a moll

I can hide reley well

I can servive 3 years with out woater

I am a kangrou rat

whiy is this anammol worth protecting?

this anammol is worth protecting because this anammol is nerley estenct.